What Does Antonio From The Ultimatum Do for Living? Work (Job) & Business Update! spritelybud.com

What Does Antonio From The Ultimatum Do for Living? Work (Job) & Business Update!

Antonio Mattei from The Ultimatum started his own business (job) firm, Tint World (vehicle modifications and accessories), in July 2023. However, previously he worked as a goods broker for a living.

Netflix‘s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, created by Chris Coelen, is a dating reality TV series that centers around five different couples that put their love and relationship to the test while being open to meeting other prospective mates.

The sophomore round is no exception, as it includes couples who are not on the same page about their future – one wants to marry, while the other is not quite ready. To reach an agreement, each couple temporarily separates to undertake a trial marriage with a potential mate from a different pairing.

While the majority of The Ultimatum season 2 couples were interested in getting to the core of their love stories, Antonio Mattei and his partner, Roxanne Kaiser’s journey was centered on other interests: their professions. As a result, many viewers have been curious to know what he really does for a living. Well, here is everything you need to know.

Antonio Mattei From the Ultimatum Is the Owner Of, Tint World, a Vehicle Modifications and Accessories firm!

Antonio Mattei (@amattei2) from The Ultimatum currently owns the firm, Tint World (vehicle modifications and accessories), which he started in July 2023.  However, before appearing on the Netflix original dating show, he used to work as a goods broker for a living.

However, it seems like he has picked up on his partner, Roxanne Kaiser‘s professional attitude. In an interview with My Imperfect Life, he talks about the new business (job) he began in 2023, what he’s learned from the show, and what’s going on right now.

Antonio Mattei runs his own business, Tint World (vehicle modifications and accessories). spritelybud.comAntonio Mattei runs his own business, Tint World (vehicle modifications and accessories).
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According to him, he decided to pursue his passion for cars professionally after appearing in The Ultimatum season 2. He just founded Tint World, an automotive styling center in Tyrone, Georgia, which appears to have captured his heart.  Later, he shared his new venture, stating,

It’s super fun, super exciting and I’ve got a great team there to help me out. The future’s very bright. It was an existing car wash and I’m just picking right up where the previous owner left off and we’re cruising right along. We’re slowly converting it.

Despite the fact that audiences witnessed Antonio and Roxanne’s ups and downs during the season, he credits her with getting the ball rolling professionally. Her positive attitude was contagious. He stated,

It was different for me to see what she did and how she carried herself day-to-day and for me to much more easily be like, ‘I can do that. I’m gonna do that. Alright, I’m doing it.’ And now here we are.

Roxanne is a natural-born leader at work and clearly on the show, as she approaches the unusual situation with confidence and doesn’t let setbacks get in her way. Antonio may have been more reticent during the process, but her advice is what helped shape him into the CEO he is now. he added

I never saw myself as a leader, but once I had the courage and the drive to become one, it has been such a natural transition.

Is Antonio Still in a Relationship With Roxanne?

Roxanne appears to have dumped Antonio multiple times throughout their four-year relationship before to appearing on the show. However, near the end of the season, it appeared that Antonio was taking significant steps to try to make things work with Roxanne.

Meanwhile, Antonio was getting up early, trying to figure out what kind of business he wanted to start. He also had a nice chat with Roxanne’s parents.

Antonio Mattei and Roxanne still share their photos together. spritelybud.comAntonio Mattei and Roxanne still share their photos together.
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After the episode aired, Antonio took to Instagram to defend Roxanne and deny she disrespected him. At the time he wrote in an IG story,

All she said about me was true: I had no goals, ambition, plan, or stability. I received that, long before we were ever on the show and took the opportunity provided by this experience to put in some real work and intention into becoming the BEST version of myself that i could possibly become.

He continued,

What you saw wasn’t self hate, or manipulation or any of the long list of things people have decided it was — it was the end of a life long victim mindset that has always held me back. Whether I love Roxanne now is irrelevant because I have her to thank for being on the path that I’m on now.

Furthermore, Antonio and Roxanne still have a lot of couple photos together. Likely, he also created his own firm, thus it appears that the two are still together. But we’ll have to wait until the season finale and reunion of The Ultimatum to find out for sure.