Valerie Lepelch and Skyyjade: Relationship, Breakup, and Reunion?

Valerie Lepelch and Skyyjade: Relationship, Breakup, and Reunion?

Explore the journey of Valerie Lepelch, a prominent social media influencer with 10.4 million TikTok followers. Learn about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Skyyjade along with her diverse heritage, career, and personal growth in the world of entertainment.

Valerie Lepelch, the talented social media influencer, was born on January 23, 2001, in Virginia, United States. Growing up in the US, Valerie embraces her diverse heritage, with a mixed background of Peruvian and French descent.

This unique combination of cultures adds depth and richness to her perspective and creative endeavors. At the time of writing, Valerie is currently 22 years old, with a promising future ahead in the world of social media and entertainment. Her exponential rise and the unwavering support of her devoted fan base have been attributed to her approachable style and capacity to connect with young people.

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Are Valerie Lepelch and Skyyjade Back Together? Is Valerie Lepelch Married?

Valerie Lepelch and her ex-boyfriend, Skyyjade. spritelybud.comIs Valerie Lepelch back with her ex-boyfriend, Skyyjade.
Image Source: Instagram

If you have been following Valerie Lepelch (@valerielepelch) for quite some time now then you might know that she was head over heels in love with TikTok star, Sora Jade Simmons aka Skyyjade (@theskyyjade). The pair were one of the most loved influencer couples.

But, after being together for some time, the love birds dropped the news that they have decided to part ways. They realized they were better off as friends and mutually agreed that it was best for them to part ways, allowing them to focus on their respective careers and personal growth.

However, there were rumors of Skyyjade being in love with social media icon, Jezelle Catherine (@jezellecatherine) which he as well as Valerie clearly denied claiming he considered Catherine as just as his little sister. Despite their breakup, the two have remained on good terms and continued to maintain a friendship till this date.

As fans and followers, we can appreciate their maturity in handling the situation and support them as they navigate their individual paths. What’s more, Lepelch has been posting pictures and videos with her ex-boyfriend recently and fans are wondering if they have got back together.

Valerie Lepelch’s Net Worth in 2023: Her Rise To Fame

Valerie Lepelch has earned a sizeable fortune thanks to her lucrative career on TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms. As per estimating sources, she holds a net worth of $1.2 million as an influencer.

Valerie Lepelch looking dead drop gorgeous in black dress. spritelybud.comValerie Lepelch possesses a net worth of $1.2 million.
Image Source: Instagram

Valerie has been able to make use of her notoriety to land rich sponsorships and brand partnerships thanks to her huge fan following on different social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram followings.

She first launched her TikTok page (@elongatedmusk) in November 2018 and since then, her popularity has soared. She has been successful in captivating audiences and developing a close relationship with her viewers through her inventive use of dubs, lip syncs, and videos that resemble memes.

What makes Valerie unique is her capacity to communicate relatable messages about dating and social life using deftly created text overlays. Valerie now has over 10.4 million followers and 402.8 million hearts on her TikTok page from which she earns an average of $14,000 per sponsored post.

Valerie is quite popular on her other social media platforms like YouTube as well as Instagram. With over, 3.43 million subscribers on her YouTube channel (@ValerieLepelch) and 526,000 followers on Instagram, she makes around $4,500 and $2,900 per post respectively through sponsorships and brand endeavors.

She has clearly benefited financially from these collaborations, which have helped her increase her net worth and ensure a secure future. Valerie’s net worth is anticipated to rise even more as she keeps expanding her internet presence and seizing new possibilities.

With her dedication to her craft and the immense success she has achieved, it seems that Valerie is prioritizing her career and personal growth at this time. As fans eagerly follow her journey, they continue to support Valerie in her endeavors, both on and off-screen.