TikToker Bailey Spinn Came Out As Pansexual.

TikTok Star Bailey Spinn Came Out As Pansexual: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Her Love Life

Bailey Spinn is a renowned social media celebrity who has a large following on TikTok for her unique and funny videos. She has amassed millions of followers in a short amount of time because of her likable personality and entertaining material. She is most known for her point-of-view (POV) videos, which highlight her acting abilities and originality.

Bailey Rose Spinnenweber aka Bailey Spinn, born on August 5, 2002, in Fairfax, Virginia, began her social media adventure at an early age, experimenting with various platforms to discover her voice. However, it was her TikTok account, baileyspinn, that propelled her to fame, where she posts a wide range of content, including lip-syncing and dancing, as well as comedy sketches and other creative performances.

Aside from her TikTok success, Bailey is also a talented singer, which she frequently showcases in her videos. Her distinct voice and musical approach have gained her a sizable fan base on YouTube, where she shares renditions of popular songs as well as original music. Besides, Spinn, who has two older sisters, was a competitive swimmer for 12 years.

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Bailey Spinn Dropped Out From College To Pursue Her TikTok Career

Bailey Spinn is notable for her POV and comedy skits. spritelybud.comBailey Spinn went to San Diego State University before dropping out to be an influencer.
Image Source: Instagram

Yes, you heard it right. Bailey Spinnenweber who went to San Diego State University, actually dropped out from freshman year to follow her dream to be a TikToker. In an interview with Advocate Now, she further revealed how proud her parents are of her achievements.

Spinn is not only a popular social media personality and talented cover artist, but she is also an emerging singer-songwriter. Bailey launched her debut single Romance is Dead in April this year, and it’s safe to say that her fans like it.

Romance is Dead has rapidly become a fan favorite, displaying Bailey’s skill as a songwriter and singer with its infectious sounds and sympathetic lyrics. The track is accessible on various streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, allowing fans worldwide to listen to it and add it to their playlists.

Spinnenweber has also covered popular songs like Sk8er Boi, Traiter, Runner Up, and many more. The 20-year-old is undeniably a rising star in the music industry, and her debut single is only the beginning of what looks to be a prosperous career as a singer-songwriter.

How Much is Bailey Spinn’s Net Worth?

As per different estimating sources, Bailey Spinn holds a net worth of $500,000 thanks to her social media fame. Her large fan following on social media sites such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube has been crucial to her financial success.

Know More Bailey Spinn’s Income From Social Media

Being a social media influencer, Bailey Spinn has been increasing her net worth from social media sponsorships and brand endorsements.


Bailey Spinn rose to prominence through her TikTok videos, and its safe to say that TikTok is her primary source of income. Her TikTok videos are extremely popular among young people, with 14.5 million followers and about 647.8 million likes.

Her films include anything from unique point-of-view skits to dancing challenges and comedy sketches. She earns an average of $3,100 per sponsored video from her TikTok account.


With over 840K followers on her Instagram account, (@baileyspinn), Bailey makes around $700 per post from sponsorships and brand endeavors. Her page is loaded with amusing images and videos that take viewers behind the scenes of her life and business. Bailey’s Instagram account is a terrific location to keep up with her current activities, from images of her everyday routines to peeks of her recent performances.


Bailey’s YouTube channel, Bailey Spinn is one of her most popular platforms, boasting 4 million subscribers and over 2.6 billion views. Her channel has a wide range of content, such as shorts, clip compilations, and cover songs. Traitor and Favorite Crime by Olivia Rodrigo, Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne, and Lover by Dove Cameron are among her most popular covers.

Is Bailey Spinn Gay? Who Is She Dating?

Bailey Spinn declined the rumors of being gay. spritelybud.comBailey Spinn was rumored to be dating TikTok star, Carter Kench.
Image Source: Instagram

The rumors of Bailey Spinn being gay have been going on since the start of her career. However, Bailey shut down these rumors through a TikTok video and even revealed that she is actually pansexual.

When it comes to her personal life, she has kept things private. Fans have been curious about her relationship status and whether she has a boyfriend, but Bailey has not revealed anything about her romantic life.

Bailey might be preoccupied with her work and growing her identity as a social media star and artist. With her expanding fame and success, it’s logical that she’d want to keep her personal life out of the limelight for the time being. But it does not stop fans from shipping her with her fellow influencer friends like Carter Kench and Devin Caherly.