Taemin’s Weight Gain of 10 KG Caused His Transformation

Taemin’s Weight Gain of 10 KG Caused His Transformation

Taemin’s recent weight gain elicited reactions from fans. He had gained about 10 kilograms since joining the military. Since his enlistment, he has gained weight because he has been sleeping and eating well. Before his enlistment, Taemin was known for his svelte physique. Not only that, but he was naturally slim and had always been the lightest in the group during his time as an active singer.

Lee Taemin, also known as Taemin, is a South Korean singer, dancer, and actor who is best known as a member of the K-pop boy band Shinee. He first gained public notice after joining Shinee in 2008. He has acted in several television shows and voiced in films in addition to touring and recording with the group.

On April 19, 2021, he announced on V Live that he would be enlisting for his mandatory military service as a member of the military band on May 31, 2021. Taemin’s military service as a public servant would be completed on January 14, 2022, due to worsening symptoms of depression and panic disorder.

On April 4, 2023, the 29-year-old singer was released from the military. As soon as he was released from the hospital, he went live on Instagram Live to greet fans and meet them. He drew a lot of attention when he went live on Instagram to greet fans on the big day. Taemin, in particular, drew attention because he appeared to be in better shape after gaining some weight during his enlistment. Fans are curious to know how did he add so much weight? Well, here is what we know so far.

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Taemin Weight Gain: He Added 10 KG Since Joining the Military

Taemin’s (@xoalsox) recent weight gain elicited reactions from fans. After completing his military service, he held a live stream with fans on April 4. He expressed his nervousness about greeting fans for the first time since being discharged from the military during the live stream. He then mentioned that he had gained about 10kg since joining the military. He was able to reflect on himself during his mandatory military service.

Taemin's recent appearance. Taemins recent appearance.
Source: Instagram

Taemin’s sudden weight gain elicited overwhelmingly enthusiastic reactions from netizens, with many commenting on how cute the idol looked and others simply wishing the idol good health. He is happy to show us his chubby appearance, but he is working hard to get back in shape out of embarrassment. However, in response to the reactions of his fans, he admitted that he is probably the one who is most concerned about his weight loss.

Before his enlistment, the member of the boyf band Shinee was known for his svelte physique. He had to be quick on his feet as a dancer. Not only that, but he was naturally slim. He’s always been the lightest in the group during his time as an active singer.

Taemin Before weight gain appearance.Taemin Before weight gain appearance.
Source: Instagram

Despite beginning to bulk up through exercise in recent years, his dramatic weight gain occurred in the military. Taemin stated that he gained weight since enlistment because he has been sleeping and eating so well.

On weekdays, the South Korean singer gets up at 6.30 a.m. and has breakfast, and then goes to an assembly at 9 a.m. Taemin eats lunch and continues with his responsibilities until dinner time. He then has personal time, followed by a roll call in the evening. As a result, he gained 10kg by spending his days in this manner regularly. Fans refer to it as the chubbiest point in his career.

Taemin’s Net Worth Is $12 Million in 2023

Taemin’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million as of 2023. Like most K-Pop idols, a large portion of his net worth is derived from music releases, TV appearances, and endorsement deals, particularly since he debuted at 14. The SHINee group also held several successful concerts and tours around the world which added massive money to his net worth.

Hello, Lucifer, Dream Girl, Sherlock, and View are among the songs released by SHINee that became worldwide hits. He is also a member of SM Entertainment’s supergroup, SuperM, along with members of EXO and NCT, both of which have added a lot to his net worth. Taemin has already established a successful reputation as an idol, so it’s no surprise that he’s also a successful solo artist.

Aside from his successful solo releases, he has also contributed his voice to drama OSTs, including To the Beautiful You, Prime Minister and I, School 2015, Final Life, and Neville. Taemin has also appeared in several films, dramas, and variety shows over the years which added hefty money to his pocket. Taem-log 6v6, a YouTube reality show that aired from 2020 to 2021, also featured him. He amassed such a fortune through his songs as a SHINee member and solo artist.