Shaynna Blaze’s Weight Loss: What Diet Does She Follow?

Shaynna Blaze’s Weight Loss: What Diet Does She Follow?

Many people seem to be inspired by Shaynna Blaze’s recent weight loss after she was noticed in a red bodycon dress on the set of The Block. While she has always been focused on her weight, she reportedly gained a little weight due to her health problems.

Shaynna Blaze is an Australian interior designer, television personality, writer, and former singer. She started her career as an interior designer at a very young age. She gained fame after she started working as a co-host on Selling Houses Australia. She is currently working as a judge on The Block, an Australian reality television series.

Recently, Shaynna has been in the news after she announced the opening of Beaumont Tiles, Australia’s number-one tile retailer, in Mandurah, WA. Many people seem to be excited about the opening, and she has already reached out to Mandurah for the opening. She also went to Instagram Live to discuss her brand.

During the promotion of the brand, many people seemed to be interested in her appearance as people have observed that she looks a little leaner. As a result, people have been curious to know about her weight loss journey. Well, let’s get started.

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People Seem to Be Inspired by Shaynna Blaze’s Recent Weight Loss!

Shaynna Blaze (@shaynnablaze) has always been focused on her body shape and weight loss. Recently, she was noticed in a red bodycon dress on the set of The Block, which made people think she had a massive weight loss. Although there is no exact information about her transformation, she claims to follow a stuck routine to maintain it.

Shaynna has been struggling with her weight since she split with her ex-husband Steve Vaughan in 2018. Recently, in April 2023, when she was seen in a red mini dress on the set of The Block, many people started asking about her weight loss. Her appearance seems to be different than usual, and she looks much leaner and healthier.

Shaynna Blaze in her recent weight loss appearance. spritelybud.comShaynna Blaze in her recent weight loss appearance.
Image Source: Instagram

Shaynna was asked about her weight loss by many of her fans at that time. Some of them even got curious about her workout routine, which she follows to gain the perfect body in her 60s. During an interview, she also mentioned her secret to staying in shape and said that she doesn’t always rely on exercise; her vibrancy of energy also helped her, which she constantly works with.

Continuing the interview, Blaze also said that she is not in denial about her age. Although she is in her 60s, she claims to feel like she is in her 30s. It sounds like she might be talking about how her brain works; she might be focusing fully on her work and weight loss like she was focusing in her 30s.

Is Shaynna Blaze Facing Any Health Issues?

Before getting divorced from Steve Vaughan, Shaynna Blaze used to be trained by her husband, who helped with her weight loss. In 2015, she revealed many things related to her health and weight, including the issue of Woman’s Day and her weight loss while gaining fitness after working out with her personal trainer husband.

Shaynna Blaze gained 5kg due to sciatica. spritelybud.comShaynna Blaze gained 5kg due to sciatica.
Image Source: Instagram

Shaynna mentioned being overweight due to the health problem she was facing. She suffered sidelined by sciatica, pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling in the leg which is caused by injury to or pressure on the sciatic nerve. She claimed that even though she followed a healthy diet, the health issue made her gain 5 kg, and she said:

I’m short, so an extra 5kg for me is massive,  for me it’s overweight ’ll always have ‘boosies’ and hips, which will stop me going down a whole size, but I’m now more of an 8-10, rather than a 10-12 – I want to keep it that way

What Diet Does Shaynna Blaze Follow?

Talking about Shaynna Blaze‘s weight loss journey and workout routine, there are a lot of things she does to stay healthy and maintain her weight. Let us update you guys with a few things you might not know.

Her daily dose of routine included yoga, meditation, and some normal workouts. As per her food, she claims to love eating a vegan diet, celery juice, and smoothies as she previously stated,

It takes a lot of work to stay healthy and commit to these routines, but when you are extremely pushed to the limit physically by your job and your environment, you either flourish or burn. I know I have burned out a few times, and a lot of those were when I wasn’t able to make time for my own basics like movement and good food.