Sarah Shahi’s Boyfriend: Is She Still With Adam Demos? Are They Married in 2023?

Sarah Shahi and Her Boyfriend Adam Demos Are Truly in Love

Sarah Shahi is dating her Sex/Life cos-star boyfriend Adam Demos in 2023 & yes the couple is still together. They have yet to marry, and there has been no word of a split. They met in 2020 while filming the first season of Netflix’s Sex/Life. On social media, Sarah and Adam have teased us with glimpses of their romance, posting birthday tributes to one another and documenting their adventures together.

The former model/actress Sarah Shahi became well-known for her role in Sex/Life, Person of Interest, The L World, Fairy Legal, Life, and ALias. She was married to Steve Howey from 2009 until their divorce in 2020. Since then, the actress has moved on with her Sex/Life co-star, and the two have continued to tease fans with glimpses of their real-life romance. Follow this article to learn more about Sarah Shahi’s boyfriend.

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Sarah Shahi Is Dating Her Boyfriend Adam Demos in 2023, but They Have Yet to Get Married

Sarah Shahi (@sarahshahi) and her boyfriend Adam Demos met in the makeup trailer & fell in love while shooting the first season of Netflix’s Sex/Life. They are still together and their real-life relationship is just as steamy. Sarah and Adam are yet to be married. The pair shot the series in Canada in the fall of 2020, playing sexy ex-lovers caught in a love triangle. Billie, Shahi’s character on the show, is married to Cooper (Mike Vogel) but longs for her wilder days when she hooked up with Adam Demos’ Brad Simon. While the couple is excited to share their love with the world on camera, they are not eager for their families to watch the ultra-steamy show.

Since the premiere of Sex/Life, viewers have been expressing their admiration for Shahi and Demos’ relationship on social media. Sarah was going through a divorce when the role came into her life, and she wasn’t looking for love again. When Sarah first met Demos, she was completely taken aback. On New Year’s Eve in 2021, the couple got cozy and shared their first official photo on social media. However, Adam confirmed he was dating Adam on January 11, 2021, posting a photo of himself celebrating Sarah’s birthday.

Since then, the couple has teased us with glimpses of their romance on social media, posting birthday tributes to one another and documenting their adventures together. The couple clicked right away and shared similar musical tastes. They also shared a taste for whiskey and tequila. Sarah was utterly blown away by him as a person, and all she could think about was how much more she wanted. One of her favorite activities is working with her boyfriend.

Whether you liked the 37-year-old actor as Janet King, in Unreal, Jake Taylor in Netflix’s Falling Inn Love or the sexy yet slightly toxic Brad Simon in Netflix’s Sex/Life, Adam Demos has solidified himself as a fan favorite on streaming service. Before working in television, he worked at Bondi’s Hotel Ravesis. Demos portrayed ‘Solo Man’ in the iconic advertising for the Australian soft drink brand in 2012. Moreover, he was cast as Nate Baldwin in the ABC Australia drama Janet King in 2017. Demos starred alongside Christina Milian in Netflix’s Falling Inn Love.

The Australian actor (b. May 24, 1985) was born in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. In case you were wondering, he is a Gemini. He grew up and attended school there, where he studied acting at Screenwise Film & TV Acting School. He’s half-Greek as well. The 6′ 1″ tall star can be found on Instagram (@adam_demos). On his grid, you’ll find a plethora of behind-the-scenes photos from his time on the set of Sex/Life and other projects, as well as photos from his daily life and a plethora of selfies with his girlfriend Sarah Shahi.

On the other hand, the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader was previously married to Steve Howey for 11 years. The couple, who have three children together (son William and twins Violet and Knox), divorced in January 2021. Shahi completed Sex/Life one month before her divorce was finalized. At the time, she reflected on how much her life changed over the past few months. Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi both grew up in Texas, but their romance didn’t begin until they were both working as actors in Los Angeles.

The former couple first met in 2003, when Shahi appeared on a Reba episode that aired the following year. Sarah began a romantic relationship with Howey, and her career took off soon after, thanks to the father of Steve, who was an acting coach. The couple married in Las Vegas in February 2009. Shahi filed for divorce one month after the couple separated in the spring of 2020. Steve Howey has remained dedicated to being a good father to the couple’s three children.