Sneak Peek Into The Ohana Adventure Star, Rykel Bennett's Net Worth & YouTube Success

Sneak Peek Into The Ohana Adventure Star, Rykel Bennett’s Net Worth & YouTube Success

Rykel Bennett is a young social media icon best known for being part of the family channel, The Ohana Adventure with 4.24 million subscribers. Let’s follow her journey as YouTuber while getting a glimpse into her personal life.

Rykel Bennett, who was born on April 7, 2005, in the lovely state of Hawaii, has swiftly become well-known in the social media sphere. Through her family’s compelling YouTube channel, The Ohana Adventure, she first entered the digital world and now she herself has over 721,000 subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel, Rykel.

The channel, which her parents Jase Bennett and Rachel Bennett maintained and built, gave the YouTuber a platform to show off her vivacious personality and offer the world her own viewpoint. The Ohana Adventure served as the starting point for Rykel’s social media journey, launching her toward becoming a cherished and significant character in the online community. This includes both their family adventures and daily routines.

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Rykel Bennett Family Background: More About Her College, Religion, Boyfriend

Rykel Bennett having fun with rumored boyfriend.
Rykel Bennet and her rumored boyfriend.
Photo Source: Instagram

Rykel Bennett (@rykelbennett) comes from a close-knit family that plays a significant role in her life and online presence. She has an older sister named Klailea Bennett and four younger siblings: Shae Bennett,  Wyatt Bennett, Evelin Bennett, and Cora Bennett. Together, they form a dynamic and lively group that captivates their viewers on their family YouTube channel, The Ohana Adventures.

Jase and Rachel Bennett, Rykel’s parents, were key creators and administrators of the family’s YouTube channel. Their output reflects the collaborative and creative atmosphere they have built. Rykel has been able to interact with a large audience by sharing her stories thanks to their support and direction.

Rykel along with her family is Christian and is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is currently studying Bachelor’s in Southern Virginia University just like her sister, Klailea. Besides, there were some rumors about Rykel being an adopted child which is not true

Talking about her boyfriend, Rykel, who just turned 18 this year, did share some snaps with her rumored boyfriend on her Instagram. However, she has not revealed even the name of her “rumored boyfriend” let alone their dating history.

How Much is Rykel Bennett’s Net Worth?

At a remarkably young age, Rykel Bennett has achieved remarkable success through her family channel, The Ohana Adventure, and her own personal channel. As a result, Rykel’s net worth is estimated to be around $400,000, a testament to her accomplishments in the world of social media.

The Ohana Adventure was launched in December 2015. The channel serves as a platform for the Bennett family to share their daily lives, travel experiences, and special gatherings with their dedicated audience.

Rykel Bennett with her internet famous family. spritelybud.comRykel Bennet made her online debut with the launch of her family channel, The Ohana Adventure.
Photo Source: Instagram

The family channel has amassed an impressive 4.24 million subscribers and more than 1.8 billion views, making it a go-to place for viewers looking for interesting and entertaining material. Fans can now engage with the Bennett family’s personal experiences and adventures through this virtual window into their world.

One of their most popular videos is titled, Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do PARODY – TEEN CRUSH with over 134 million views.

Moreover, the Bennett family has successfully extended their brand beyond YouTube by establishing their website, The family has introduced ‘TOA’ merchandise, including calendars, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and gift cards, enabling supporters to express their love for The Ohana Adventure in a tangible way.

Rykel’s debut appearance on the channel was in its second vlog, capturing the attention of viewers with her charisma and natural on-screen presence. However, it was her ‘Q&A’ videos addressing puberty-related queries that truly propelled her into the spotlight.

Rykel Bennett’s YouTube Channel and Instagram Presence

In addition to her work on The Ohana Adventure, Rykel Bennett has established herself as a prominent figure online. She broadcasts videos of herself and her family members on her personal YouTube channel, Rykel. Her channel has a devoted following thanks to its remarkable 721,000 subscribers and over 62 million views.

In addition, Rykel runs a second YouTube channel called Life with Rykel with 26,900 subscribers. She shares updates and thoughts with her fans on this channel while also giving viewers a peek into her personal life.

The 18-year-old has a sizeable fan base of 306,000 followers on her Instagram page. She provides a portal into her world with her posts, sharing captivating moments and interacting with her followers.

In addition to her primary Instagram account, Rykel also runs separate accounts, (@rykelreads) and (@rykelsphotos) to showcase her love of reading and photography. She can interact with her audience in a variety of ways thanks to her diversified social media presence, which highlights her ingenuity and wide range of interests.