American rapper and singer Ryan Upchurch has gained significant attention in 2023 with fans speculating about his current girlfriend.  Upchurch seems to be dating Brianna Harness, a music artist,

Ryan Upchurch’s 2023 Girlfriend Brianna Harness Is a Musician

American rapper and singer Ryan Upchurch has gained significant attention in 2023 with fans speculating about his current girlfriend.  Upchurch seems to be dating Brianna Harness, a music artist, The 32-year-old has been engaged twice in the past but both the relationship didn’t work out. Learn everything from his past relationships, marital status, and Ryan Upchurch’s girlfriend in 2023.

Ryan Upchurch an extremely talented American singer/rapper, YouTuber, and comedian, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee rose to fame primarily as a comedian posting content throughout various platforms. He slowly turned into music releasing countless songs and amassing millions of fans in a short amount of time.

Having a country background, he slowly dove into the rapping scene and now has diversified into rock as well. From comedy sketches and troll videos to releasing some bangers, he has done it all. Surprisingly, everything he puts out is instantly a hit. Fans can’t get enough of him and are eagerly waiting for his next video and song releases.

Humor and charisma filled Ryan Upchurch’s love life has been highlighted in the year 2023. Many of his fans and followers want an update about his life behind the screen. After two previous engagements which were unsuccessful, to say the least, many fans and followers are eagerly waiting for their favorite internet personality to declare their love publicly. So, who is Ryan Upchurch’s girlfriend in 2023? Keep reading as we disclose all the information surrounding his love life.

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Ryan Upchurch Is Dating Brianna Harness a Music Artist with a Blooming Career

Ryan Upchurch, the American YouTuber, comedian, country singer, and social media influencer, has had quite a hectic love life., In the past, Ryan has been in at least been in 3 known relationships. He was engaged twice, once to American track and field athlete Brianna Vanvleet in 2016 and to Taylor Eileen Smith in 2020. Ryan and Brianna dated for a while and at the beginning, the relationship was filled with excitement and sweet moments. Unfortunately, they broke up leaving fans wondering the reason behind their split.

Ryan Upchurch and their engagement was short-lived as they eventually broke up, and they have since erased any traces of their relationship from their social media accounts. By March 2021, Talor Smith was already in a different relationship with a man named Clayton Pettry. Upchurch was in a relationship with childhood friend Bethany Culp as well and they were about to get married. He shared a post on his Instagram with Bethani captioned, “I GET TO MARRY MY BEST FRIEND”. It looked like they were on really good terms.

Ryan frequently discussed on his social media how his girlfriend Culp supported him during difficult times and help him cope with mental health issues. However, just like his previous love stories, this one too took an unexpected turn. Valentine’s Day came and went, leaving him to celebrate it alone. As of now, Bethany updated her relationship status to ‘single’ on her Facebook page.

Even though being involved in multiple relationships and being engaged twice, the 32-year-old has not been married to date. As of 2023, he is in a relationship with Brianna Harness. Many of you might confuse her with his ex Velvet as they share the same first name. Who is Ryan Upchurch’s girlfriend Brianna Harness?

Harness is an American music artist who we believe is from Tennessee as well. The 24-year-old is an aspiring music artist with a total of 72k followers on Instagram and around 50k subscribers on Youtube. There isn’t much information on her available on the Internet. We were able to get ahold of Ryan’s current relationship by surfing through his Instagram feeds. Ryan posted a picture of himself and Brianna cuddling in bed with both of them smiling at the camera. The picture was captioned,

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me during this crazy time in my life. Your the most fun, witty & caring woman I’ve ever met. Just wanted to say I’m thankful for you and what you’ve done for me in my life lately & im grateful to have someone to ride a storm with ⛈️ 🖤

Ryan Upchurch's girlfriend in 2023 is Brianna Harness. They both share the same passion for music. Ryan Upchurch’s girlfriend in 2023 is Brianna Harness. They recently started dating and share the same passion for music. 
Image Source: Instagram

There were mixed opinions among fans about their relationship with one saying,

Idk maybe cause I’m older or from the North but I don’t see this going anywhere the Love is 1 sided & it’s always the one with the Biggest Heart who gets hurt in the long run, Ryan please protect your heart !

While many others relentlessly supported the couple saying,

Upchurch, despite the hate you’re getting from a few fans, just know the real ones are happy to see you find a woman who carries the same energy as you! You deserve happiness and to feel the love of a woman who wants nothing more than to be with you! You found a woman who will ride or die for you Ryan, keep her!🤘🏻

 The gorgeous girlfriend of Ryan Upchurch is one of the growing artists blessing people with some soulful music. As of 2023, she has around 72k followers on her Instagram. The gorgeous girlfriend of Ryan Upchurch is one of the growing artists blessing people with some soulful music. As of 2023, she has around 72k followers on her Instagram.
Image Source: Instagram

Although there is much to talk about Brianna Harness, they both share a deep connection through music. As they are both artists doing their own creative endeavors, we believe that they look super cute together and compliments each other perfectly. Additionally, Harness also recently posted a clip on her Instagram (@briannaharness) where Ryan along with some of her friends celebrated her 24th birthday. She shared her experience with fans captioned,

The home video we didn’t even know we needed 🥹🎞 beyond grateful for everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday, thank you so much for the love y’all continue to give me year after year y’all truly are the shiiiit 🥹 one of the best birthdays I’ve had in foreverrrrrr , didn’t have to do too much , slept in and surrounded myself with my favorite people and then @byefelicia_33 made my my first homemade cake and it was the cutest thing ever and apparently it takes more breath than I have to blow out 24 candles 😅 so enjoy Ryan tryna help me 🧡🎂 I love y’all

And right under her caption, Ryan left a comment saying I love you beautiful 💕. Overall, Ryan Upchurch and his girlfriend seem to be in a really good place. With his heart being broken multiple times in the past, hopefully, Brianna is the one true love he’s been seeking. Stay tuned for more details surrounding their relationship.

Ryan Upchurch Has a Net worth of $6 Million in 2023

According to FreshersLive, Ryan Upchurch has amassed a total of $6 million US dollars as his net worth. The majority of his income comes from his career as a rapper, and YouTuber. Born and raised in a small town called Pleasant View in Tennessee, he has imprinted his name as one of the successful artists in the Hollywood biz. Aside from his music, he is also known for comedy skits on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

As you can tell, he is quite active on multiple social media platforms. First and foremost, his youtube channel (@UpchurchOfficial) has a total of 3.14 million subscribers as of 2023. He is also massive on Instagram with a follower count of 811k. Lastly, he has amassed a total of 3.5 million followers on his Facebook (@Upchurch ).