Renni Rucci’s New Boyfriend: Is She Dating Blacc Zacc?

Renni Rucci’s New Boyfriend: Is She Dating Blacc Zacc?

Renni Rucci is currently dating her new boyfriend, Blacc Zacc. The Big Renni rapper announced the news on her social media posts. Previously, she was engaged to Foogiano but they split on May 11, 2022.

Courtney Rene, professionally known as Renni Rucci, is a South Carolina-born American rapper who began taking music seriously in 2017, singing freestyles over famous beats. Later, she found popularity for the first time by rapping over Lil’ Baby‘s Freestyle rhythm in 2018. According to XXL, the video of her rapping over the aforementioned song has received over five million views on YouTube.

Similarly, Renni released her first mixtape, Big Renni, in 2019, then QuickTape in 2020. She then joined the cast of the TV show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2021. Later, she released her song Don’t Like Me on March 18 and Keep the Change on October 28, 2022.

On the other hand, Renni Rucci recently made her relationship official with her new boyfriend. As a result, many people have been interested to know who is that lucky gay and about their relationship. Well, here is everything you need to know about her boyfriend.

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Renni Rucci Is in a Relationship With Her New Boyfriend, Blacc Zacc!

Talking about Renni Rucci‘s (@rennirucci_)boyfriend, she was alone for a long following her divorce from 1017 Records artist Foogiano, whose real name is Kwame Brown, but in September 2023, she revealed her new relationship on social media, which set the internet on fire. She made her connection with rapper Blacc Zacc (@blacczacc)public on Instagram.

Renni Rucci and her new boyfriend, Blacc Zacc. spritelybud.comRenni Rucci and her new boyfriend, Blacc Zacc.
Image Source: Instagram

She wrote in the caption of a carousel post with photos of the two of them together, “Shoulda did this a long time ago. I love it here.” Despite the fact that she did not publish his face, followers of the musician were able to identify her mystery man based on his tattoos.

Like Renni, her new boyfriend, Blac Zacc is from Columbia, South Carolina. As of this writing, He has 291K Instagram followers thanks to tracks like “Richest Rapper in SC” and “Letter to My BM.”

Furthermore, Renni and Zacc are so in love that she got his given name, Zachary, tattooed on her thigh. Given that she had done the same thing with her ex, this generated outrage on social media. However, more details are yet to be disclosed.

Know the Reason Behind Foogiano and Renni Rucci’s Split!

Renni Rucci‘s engagement and subsequent breakup drew widespread attention from fans and the media. The American rapper from Columbia, South Carolina, previously announced her engagement to fellow rapper Foogiano (@foogiano). He rose to prominence in the rap industry with his music and collaborations, but he also had legal issues that strained their relationship.

Renni Rucci and Foogiano split on May 11, 2022. spritelybud.comRenni Rucci and Foogiano split on May 11, 2022.
Image Source: Instagram

The engagement took place on Renni Rucci’s 30th birthday in October when Foogiano proposed to her while incarcerated. He went to great measures to demonstrate his love by proposing while incarcerated, and Renni expressed her joy on social media, confirming her engagement to her fans.

Many people were taken aback by the news because of the unusual circumstances and the magnitude of the gesture. However, despite the initial joy and excitement around their engagement, the relationship encountered difficulties as a result of Foogiano’s legal concerns.

In Memphis in May 2021, Foogiano was arrested and put in jail for breaking his probation and interfering with his court-ordered ankle monitor. He allegedly removed the monitor and eluded officials for months. Renni Rucci continued to support Foogiano during his legal issues, putting strain on their relationship.

However, Renni later clarified on social media that she was no longer engaged to Foogiano, as you said in your original query. She responded to rumors of infidelity by saying, “You can’t cheat when you’re single.” This announcement signified the end of their engagement, but she also stated that she would continue to support Foogiano’s freedom.

Renni Rucci and Foogiano’s engagement drew national notice due to their unusual circumstances and the hardships they encountered as a pair. Their relationship was distinguished by both periods of support and difficult difficulties, which eventually led to their divorce on May 11, 2022.

It’s crucial to note that the public may not have complete knowledge of their personal life, and any information beyond what has been formally disclosed on social media or in interviews may be susceptible to speculation or interpretation. As with any celebrity connection, the complete tale may be known only to those involved.