Parker Schnabel’s Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating After His Breakup With Ashley Youle?

Parker Schnabel Is Single and Devoted to His Career

Parker Schnabel doesn’t have a girlfriend in 2023. He has kept his romantic life hidden, even if he is dating or has a girlfriend. The Gold Rush alum has been noticeably single since the end of his relationship with his previous Australian girlfriend, Ashley Youle.

Parker Schnabel is an American gold miner and reality star best known for his appearances on the reality television shows Gold Rush and Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. He bears an uncanny resemblance to actor Adam Driver, which has sparked controversy, particularly because one of his flames appeared in, and then abruptly exited, the documentary series.

Discussion about his girlfriends has always put him in the spotlight. Many of his fans have been in the dark about his personal life. So who is Parker Schnabel dating in 2023? Does Parker of Gold Rush have a new partner? Let’s have a check.

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Parker Schnabel Doesn’t Have a Girlfriend in 2023 and Has Remained Single Since His Breakup With His Previous Partner, Ashley Youle

Parker Schnabel (@goldrushparker) doesn’t have a girlfriend in 2023. He doesn’t have a wife because he is not married yet. Even if he is dating or has a partner, he has kept his romantic life under wraps. Similarly, there is no word whether his girlfriend is pregnant or not because he is single at the moment. On the other hand, he is preoccupied with his mining career and rarely posts about his personal life on social media.

Parker had been noticeably single since his breakup with his previous Australian girlfriend, Ashley Youle. They were seen together numerous times, and Parker confirmed that he was in a long-term relationship. He was dating Ashley Youle when the seventh season of Gold Rush premiered in 2016. Parker, the blonde beauty’s then-boyfriend, met her in Australia in 2016. Parker invited her to spend the summer mining with him in Alaska after the two hit it off. She was a veterinary nurse who was generally pleasant to be around.

Parker announced their separation in 2018. He and his ex-girlfriend ended their relationship because he couldn’t devote enough time to it. Schnabel discussed the couple’s breakup in the 2018 episode Win Big or Die Trying, and he bears a large portion of the blame. Meanwhile, Parker was also rumored to be dating Sheena Cowell after splitting up with Ashley. By sharing an Instagram photo with fellow miner Sheena fans believed she was his new partner, despite the fact that he has not publicly introduced her to the public, so she could simply be a friend.

Following that, Sheena shared a photo showing her boyfriend dressed to attend a wedding in Serbia, clearly stating that everything about Parker and Sheena was just a rumor and nothing more. Sheena Cowell, a British national, works for the cable network Knickerbocker Glory as a gold miner. When Parker and Tyler Mahoney teamed up to film Season 4 of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, fan speculation about the nature of their relationship was unavoidable.

As a result, when Parker and Tyler set out across Australia, fans and, most likely, the Discovery camera crew that accompanied them hoped the couple would develop feelings for one another. While the two had some adventures in the Australian desert while looking for gold, according to Tyler’s Instagram, it does not appear that they found romance. It certainly never happened on camera during the show’s production, and neither party has revealed anything about their relationship through official channels or social media.

Parker Schnabel Is the Second Wealthiest Cast Member of Gold Rush With an Estimated Net Worth of $8 Million

Parker Schnabel‘s net worth is expected to be in the $8 million range by 2023. While Tony Beets is the richest member of the Gold Rush cast, the rest of the cast is doing just fine. Schnabel is much younger than the other crew leaders, but he’s already amassed a substantial fortune for himself.

Meanwhile, the gold miner alum began his mining career at 16, taking over his grandfather’s operation. He’s been mining since then, and according to interviews, he invests nearly all of his earnings in the company. Parker’s goal in Season 9 was a record-breaking 6,000 ounces of gold (worth $7.2 million), and he was determined not to leave a single ounce of gold behind for his landlord to profit from.

While Schnabel earns millions of dollars per season, it is important to note that he does not keep every penny. He’s accompanied by a large crew, and while their exact salaries are unknown, it’s safe to say they make a good living when the team finds millions of dollars worth of gold in a single season.