Is the Paige Actress, Lexa Doig, Changed in of Virgin River? Season 5 Update!

Is the Paige Actress, Lexa Doig, Changed in of Virgin River? Season 5 Update!

It is still unknown whether the Paige actress, Lexa Doig, will be changed in the coming season of Netflix’s Virgin River as she doesn’t make an appearance after the first episode of Season 5. 

In Virgin River on Netflix, Mel Monroe, a nurse practitioner from Los Angeles, relocates to the little community after her husband Mark was murdered in a horrific vehicle accident. Mel finds a new beginning with Jack Sheridan and the town’s close-knit community, which gives her a sense of belonging as the story unfolds.

As we discover more about the other residents, we realize that the series has served as a safe haven for many other individuals, including Paige Lassiter, the proprietor of BakePaige’s Away, who lives in town with her son, Christopher, and has appeared and disappeared from the show’s plot since the first season.

Although Paige’s appearance is greatly reduced in seasons 3 and 4, the latter sees an important progression in her plot involving her abusive ex, Wes. Fans are certain to worry about what the fifth season signifies for her character’s fate inside the series which has also raised the question if the Paige actress will be changed in the next season. Well, here is what we know.

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Virgin River: The Paige Actress, Lexa Doig, Has Not Been Changed Yet!

No, Lexa Doig (@lexadoig), who plays Paige Lassiter in River Virgin, has not been changed till now. However, the Paige actress’ intermittent engagement in the show has sparked some debate throughout the years.

Some assume that the actress became disillusioned with the show after her real-life husband, Michael Shanks, was replaced as Wes with Steve Bacic.

The Paige actress, Lexa Doig, has not been changed in Virgin River. spritelybud.comThe Paige actress, Lexa Doig has not been changed in Virgin River.
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Nonetheless, no credible source has supported these assumptions. As a result, there’s no cause to speculate about Doig’s professional relationship with the showrunners and its impact on her potential return to Netflix’s series.

Meanwhile, she has left town, but a surprising twist at the conclusion of the season may force her to return. While the firefighters are still dealing with the aftermath of the nearby blaze, they discover a body in the woods.

After hearing the news, John “Preacher” Middleton realizes the body belongs to Wes. As a result, it’s not unreasonable to believe Paige will return to see the conclusion of that plot thread.

Lex Doig’s departure from Virgin River is final for the time being, although the chance of her comeback remains. So, we just have to wait for next season to know if Paige’s actress will be changed or return back as in season 4.

Did Paige Lassiter Really Leave Virgin River?

Since the first season of River Virgin, Paige Lassiter‘s character has given the series a dramatic and engrossing plot that serves to emphasize the value of safe spaces and convey a timely message about domestic abuse.

However, her character fades out of the major storyline as the story progresses. Nonetheless, her plotline is intertwined with Precher’s due to her romantic subplot with John “Preacher” Middleton, Jack‘s close Marine comrade.

It is yet to be disclosed if Paige Lassiter left the Virgin River. spritelybud.comIt is yet to be disclosed if Paige Lassiter left the Virgin River.
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Prior to the first season of the show, a woman named Michelle Logan arrived in town with her son and took the identities of Paige and Christopher Lassiter. She was in an abusive marriage with Wes, a cop who used her as a scapegoat for his own crimes.

As a result, Paige was forced to flee her home with her son in order to escape her husband’s clutches. Although Michelle, now Paige, finds tranquility in town, her history comes up with her when Wes follows her and appears at her home.

After a fight breaks out, Paige tosses Wes down the stairs, where he is fatally injured. Following that, her close friend Preacher assists her in concealing the body and fleeing the area to avoid suspicion of Wes’ murder. Her shaky presence in the story begins here.

Later, Paige sends her kid Christopher to live with Preacher in season 3 owing to problems. However, the child is stolen by his father’s twin brother, Vince, who arrives in the Virgin River to prove her complicity in Wes’ killing.

In order to assure her son’s safety, Paige switches places with Christopher at the conclusion of the entire plot. This season begins with a closure to the plotline when Preacher discovers Paige and Vince in a cabin and saves the former.

Preacher knocks Vince down after a skirmish, and the latter is arrested by the cops. Despite his attempts to claim that Paige and Preacher are to blame for his brother’s death, his word is dismissed, courtesy to LAPD cop Mike, who is Preacher’s friend.

This means that Paige and Christopher are now free and do not need to be on the run thanks to this conclusion. Although Paige thought Virgin River would be a safe haven in the beginning, she realizes she can no longer feel safe there after what occurred with Wes and Vince.

Even though Preacher and she strive to make their relationship work, they quickly realize it’s fruitless because Paige can’t stay at Virgin River. Due to this, she and Christopher leave the town and probably the Netflix show after a brief appearance in the first episode. Given her previous explosive existence as a recurring character, the season 5 parting between her and Preacher feels definitive.

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