Ncuti Gatwa’s Wife: What Is Her Name?

Ncuti Gatwa’s Wife: What Is Her Name?

Ncuti Gatwa doesn’t have a wife as he has never been married. Although he was previously rumored to be dating an actress named Jessica Hardwick, none of them has yet confirmed it. 

Netflix‘s coming-of-age comedy show Sex Education chronicles the lives of the fictional Moordale Secondary School’s students, parents, and staff as each of them navigates various types of personal issues, particularly those centered on sexual intimacy. The fourth season begins immediately after the events of season three’s finale, with Otis and Eric starting their journey at Cavendish Sixth Form College following the closing of Moordale Secondary.

While Otis considers opening a new clinic, he and the rest of his Moordale classmates are taken away by Cavendish’s culture, which includes daily yoga in the community garden and a group of students known for being friendly to others. Meanwhile, Maeve is living her dream as she studies with cult novelist Thomas Molloy at the prestigious Wallace University, and Adam is determining whether or not he is cut out for traditional education.

With the release of the series’ new season, we’ve found that many people have been curious to know more about Ncuti Gatwa‘s relationship status. They wonder if he has a wife or a girlfriend in 2023. Well, let’s get started.

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Ncuti Gatwa From Sex Education Doesn’t Have a Wife!

Ncuti Gatwa (@ncutigatwa) from Sex Education is an actor with a large fan base, hence his love life is a hot topic among his admirers. The internet has recently been flooded with reports about him finding a new wife and marrying. However, the truth appears to be far from the rumors.

According to the facts he has provided, he does not have ever got married to anyone which means he never had a wife.  Although he has uploaded a photo with a girl, who could be the source of the girlfriend/wife rumor. However, the actor has not described her as his lover, and they appear to be excellent friends.

Ncuti Gatwa doesn't have a wife as he has never been married. spritelybud.comNcuti Gatwa doesn’t have a wife as he has never been married.
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While Ncuti Gatwa prefers to keep specifics about his dating life to himself, he also doesn’t talk much about his sexuality, which is surprising given that people have drawn conclusions about his orientation based on Eric‘s preferences. He stated, “It’s a safety and mental health thing.”

However, despite his attempts to keep his personal life discreet, he was rumored to have dated an actress named Jessica Hardwick. They both enjoy acting and have a background in the theatre. They also studied at Scotland’s Royal Conservatoire.

While Hardwick is more concentrated on the stage, Ncuti Gatwa has achieved success on the big screen. He recently participated in the film “Barbie” and was cast as the new Time Lord in the television series Doctor Who. However, neither of them has ever confirmed publicly about their relationship. As a result, it’s safe to say he is still single and is not dating anyone.

Ncuti Gatwa Finally Comes Out as Queer!

Ncuti Gatwa, who plays Eric in Sex Education, a gay youth whose story revolves around his love journey, revealed publicly for the first time that he is a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

His portrayal of Eric, who is open and proud about his sexuality and can assist people in understanding what it means to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community, has been a prominent message on the program. Although many thought he was gay, the actor made it official in a low-key manner.

Ncuti Gatwa identifies as queer. spritelybud.comNcuti Gatwa identifies as queer.
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Later, Gatwa told Elle UK about a time when he was at Manchester Pride with pals and saw another Rwandan woman who looked like his aunt. She told him as they held hands that she had no idea why she was there. He assured her that it didn’t matter and that she should be proud of herself. He said,

I had never met another queer Rwandan person before. ‘I thought I was the only one in the world.

Gatwa, who appeared in this year’s smash hit Barbie, also discussed her collaboration with Ryan Gosling, who played Ken in the film. He recalled,

I was so nervous I hardly spoke for the first month [on set]. There was a time when I was talking to Greta [Gerwig], and I turned around, and Ryan Gosling was looking at me, and his eyes were so blue that I just… fell over. I just drowned in his eyes.