Morgan Davies’ Gender: Is He a Girl? Koby Actor’s Sexuality Explored!

Morgan Davies’ Gender: Is He a Girl? Koby Actor’s Sexuality Explored!

Morgan Davies from One Piece live-action is transgender. And it’s true that the Koby actor was once a girl but he came out as trans to the general public in 2020, after he played the transgender adolescent Oberon in the film, The End.

Netflix‘s original series, One Piece, has received widespread acclaim from both audiences and critics since its launch. The live-action adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series of the same name boasts riveting performances by various great actors who bring the intriguing characters to life masterfully.

One of these characters is Koby, a cabin boy on the Alvida Pirates’ ship who works for the harsh Captain Alvida. After meeting Monkey D. Luffy, the neglected boy’s life takes a drastic turn.

Morgan Davies plays the complicated character of Koby, and his captivating portrayal of this popular figure has piqued the interest of people all over the world. However, many people have recently been curious to know about the young actor’s gender as they wonder if he is a girl. Well, we have all the information that you would need.

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Morgan Davies From One Piece Live Action Is Transgender: The Koby Actor Is Not a Girl!

Morgan Davies (@morganlogoff) from One Piece Live Action identifies as transgender and uses (he/him) pronouns. That’s right—until he was 13 years old, the Koby actor was a girl. He originally told his mother and a few close confidantes, but he was too terrified to come out in public at the time. Later, in an interview with Vogue Australia, he said,

At 13 I came out as trans, just to mum and Catherine (his trusted agent and friend Catherine Poulton) and a few close friends. I was going through a lot, thinking: ‘Who the f–k am I and where am I going?’

Morgan Davies identifies as transgender. spritelybud.comMorgan Davies identifies as transgender. 
Image Source: Instagram

Moreover, Morgan Davies found it difficult to openly express his gender identification at an early age, so he decided not to tell anyone about it. Later, he explained,

When I first came out I quit acting for a bit, because not only were there no roles for trans people at the time, but I was so uncomfortable with myself about how I looked, how I presented, and how I looked on screen, and how people perceived me.

The One Piece cast also said that while he didn’t exactly un-come-out, he was having an extremely difficult time at the time because of a few different things. He added,

I found it hard to be trans, I was at school and I wasn’t comfortable sharing it, I didn’t want to deal with it, I able to act at the time. I wouldn’t say I de-transitioned, because I’ve always been trans in my heart, but I started taking female roles again, it kind of showed me where the industry was at the time, because I started getting roles as soon as I stopped identifying as trans.

The years that followed were filled with substantial obstacles, culminating in on-set anxiousness. However, Morgan Davies’ life changed in 2020, when he accepted the role of Oberon in the critically acclaimed TV series The End, produced by renowned Australian writer, Samantha Strauss.

The series covers the journey of a transgender adolescent as they struggle with transitioning and finding acceptance.   Despite the fact that the post had previously been offered to Morgan, he thought that with a few more years under his belt, the timing was now perfect.

Morgan Davies’ Career!

Morgan Davies earned the role of Simone in the 2010 French-Australian film The Tree a few years after his debut as Brittany in Green Fire Envy in 2008. His mother quickly packed their belongings and moved them to Queensland, where the filming lasted four months.

Later, the One Piece cast was nominated for multiple accolades for his performance, and his life was transformed when the film was picked to conclude the Cannes Film Festival and received a standing ovation.

Morgan Davies plays Koby in Netflix's One Piece. spritelybud.comMorgan Davies plays Koby in Netflix’s One Piece. 
Image Source: Homosensual

Similarly, Morgan Davies went on to appear in films and television shows such as Julian, Terra Nova, Growing Up, Calliope’s Prelude, Devil’s Playground, Storm Boy, and The Girlfriend Experience. He was 17 when he began filming for The End.

However, he had the biggest hit of his career with Evil Dead Rise in June 2023 in which his character, Danny, was recognized on a global scale. The news of him being cast as Koby in Netflix’s large-scale adaptation of One Piece was already making the rounds by the time the film was released.

In addition to watching television, Morgan Davies wants to experiment with theatre and get over his terrible stage fear. He actively supports transgender rights and mental health awareness, and he is eager to serve as a voice for these essential causes.

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