Mike Majlak girlfriend has been a hot topic in the interneet He is seen hanging around many OF stars, models and people are curious to know who the 38-year-old is dating. spritelybud.com

Sneak a Peek at Who Mike Majlak’s Current Girlfriend Is

Mike Majlak’s girlfriend has always been a hot topic in the internet world. People had always been interested in the Impaulsive Podcast host’s love life. After the back and forth with Mike’s ex-girlfriend Lana Rhodes, people are even more curious about who he is dating right now. Keep reading as we dive into details about his personal life.

Mike Majlak, a social media personality and the host of the Impaulsive podcast has been known for his flings, one-night stands, and hookups. At least, that’s what it seems when looking at his video clips with Logan Paul and George Janko. Mike Majlak’s unique sense of humor combined with Logan and George makes every podcast episode worth watching.

The 38-year-old star’s love life has also been severely highlighted over time. He has dated Lana Rhodes, a former adult film actress, and is often associated with other adult stars as well. But the question arises: Who is Mike Majlak’s girlfriend right now? Keep reading as we get deeper into his love life.

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Is Mike Majlak Single? His Former Relationship with Lana Rhodes and His Type of Girls Discussed

People are always keen to know who their favorite celebrity is dating. Mike Majlak is no stranger to this cause. After his outburst of fame after being associated with Logan Paul, people are curious to know about his ups and downs in life. That leaves no room for his love life.

For instance, Mike’s former relationship with Lana Rhodes was largely speculated by fans. Let’s talk about their relationship for a little bit. Mike and Lana met each other through mutual friends and within a while, they were all over each other. The former couple loved sharing pictures and videos on social media showcasing their love for each other. However, that didn’t last long.

There was a drama brewing and since then Mike has kept his love life quite under the radar. So what happened was that the social media influencer’s ex-girlfriend Emilia Fart accused Mike Majlak that he cheated on Lana Rhodes while they were dating. This happened back in October 2020 and Mike at that time refuted the accusation.

Mike Majlak and his ex-girlfriend Lana Rhoades. Learn what led to their breakup and discover the current status of Mike's love life. spritelybud.com Mike Majlak and his ex-girlfriend Lana Rhoades. Learn what led to their breakup and discover the current status of Mike’s love life.
Source: Dexerto

While the accusations couldn’t be substantiated, they had a detrimental impact on the relationship between Mike and Lana, which likely led to their breakup in late October 2020. They briefly reconciled shortly after their initial breakup but officially ended their relationship in February 2021.

According to Dexerto, the reason for their breakup was simply a matter of normal incompatibility. Mike expressed,

“I’ve talked to people about it, and they always say, ‘Stick through the fights. But when those fights become the mainstay, when those fights become the norm for months on end, and the relationship starts to take more energy from you than it provides for your life, and you don’t see an end in sight for either person… it’s the time that you have to start thinking about calling it quits.”

Recently on an episode with Nicky Jam on Impaulsive Podcast, Mike Majlak confronted Nicky as he slid into Lana’s DMS while they were dating. Although this seemed life-friendly banter, many people think he is still not over Lana Rhodes. While emotions can be subjective and vary from person to person, the incident may have somewhat hurt Mike. What do you guys think?

After such a back-and-forth relationship with Lana Rhodes, Mike Majlak’s love life has been quite lowkey. We believe that Mike Majlka is currently single or has chosen to keep his love life personal. Disregarding his one-night stands, hookups, and flings, we think Mike hasn’t been in a long-term relationship after Lana Rhodes.

On a recent episode of Impaulsive Podcast with Alex Volkanovski, he shared his love towards Aussie women saying,

I think they’re mentality is inlined with an American man, so their sexual desires and prowess are about inlined with American men. Like they have no problem like you wanna go to the bathroom. Easy… easy bro…

Mike Majlak hanging out with adult movie actress and model Emily Willis. This picture was taken from Mike's Instagram where he is mostly seen being associated with adult stars and models. spritelybud.com Mike Majlak hanging out with adult movie actress and model Emily Willis. This picture was taken from Mike’s Instagram where he is mostly seen being associated with adult stars and models.
Source: Instagram

Since he shows utmost love towards Australian women, who knows he might be dating a secret Aussie chick. He is also seen posting a lot of photos with OF models, adult actresses, and models on his Instagram which includes Emily Willis, Sommer Ray, Lara Helmer, and many more. Till then, we’ll just be waiting for him to declare his love.

How Much Is Mike Majlak’s Net Worth?

Mike Majlka got his limelight after being associated with Logan Paul. Since then, he has made a lot of progress in terms of fame and fortune. He has been a knot that ties the guys in Impaulsive Podcast together, He is like a big brother Logan Paul never had. He often helps Logan by keeping him out of sticky situations. Before meeting Logan Paul, he was working as a marketing manager at LoveSac, a furniture company. the two worked together on a project where Logan helped him sell more than 2.5 million LoveSacs in a single day.

He then slowly shifted towards content-creating space, creating his YouTube channel Mike Majlak vlogs which now has 2.75 million subscribers. He posts videos every other week and it is well received by his fan base. He also has a quiet fan following on Instagram (@heybigmike) with more than 1.7 million followers.

With being associated with big names in the YouTube scene and starting and growing his fan base, Mike Majlka has accumulated a lot of fortune. As of 2023, the estimated net worth of Mike Majlak is around $3 million US dollars.