Matthew McNulty and Katie's Fairytale Love Story: 20+ Years of Blissful Romance and Family Happiness!

Matthew McNulty and Katie’s Fairytale Love Story: 20+ Years of Blissful Romance and Family Happiness!

Matthew McNulty is a renowned German-born British actor prominent for starring in the hits like  Looking for EricThe MusketeersCleaning Up, Domina, and The Rising. Matthew is married to his high school sweetheart, Katie McNulty with whom he shares three children together.

British actor Michael Anthony McNulty (b. December 14, 1982) aka Matthew McNulty, has established himself as a prominent figure in the world of entertainment. McNulty has made a name for himself through notable roles in projects such as The Rising (2022), Domina (2021), and Deadwater Fell (2020).

Born in Hanover, Lower Saxony, West Germany, McNulty spent the next 10 years in Berlin and Münster, before relocating to Atherton, Greater Manchester, England. As a child, he dreamed of being a black belt in Martial arts and loved to watch Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme’s films.

His father was the army (sergeant major) in Germany and so he went to an army school. His mother passed away when he was 18. He studied acting at the Laine Johnson Theatre School.

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Matthew McNulty Is Happily Married To His Highschool Sweetheart Katie McNulty

Matthew McNulty with his wife of ten plus years, Katie McNulty. spritelybud.comMatthew McNulty has been with his high school lover turned wife Katie McNulty for over 20 years now.
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Matthew McNulty and his wife, Katie McNulty’s love story is like a fairytale one. The high school sweethearts got married in the year 2012 after dating for over 10 plus years (of course, there were a few breaks in between).

The couple were already parents to their two sons, Ellis and Oliver before they tied the knot. They welcomed their third child as a daughter and completed their blissful family of five. Even though they were not planning on having children so early, “it just happened” and they have never been this happy.

Even after being together for 20+ years, their love has been nothing but stronger than ever. Being a family man, McNulty hates to spend time away from his family and always considers his wife as his mentor. The pair run an extras agency in Manchester.

The couple is deeply in love with one another, and their three children together make up a lovely family. Their connection demonstrates McNulty’s dedication to his personal and professional lives and the harmony he manages.

Matthew McNulty’s Net Worth In 2023: 20+ Years In Acting

Matthew McNulty’s substantial engagement in films and television programs is mostly responsible for his projected $1.5 million net worth. With over 65 acting credits under his belt, McNulty’s versatility shines through his performances.

Matthew McNulty with the cast of Sky Studios' supernatural crime thriller series, The Rising. spritelybud.comMatthew McNulty is estimated to be worth $1.5 million thanks to his acting career of 20 plus years.
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His appearances in well-known series like The Rising, Domina, and Deadwater Fell have significantly increased his net worth. The success of McNulty’s career has been firmly established by the lucrative results of his talent and contributions to entertainment.

McNulty first started his acting career in the year 2001 however, he only got big his break in 2006. He was working in a demolition crew and was a trainee quantity surveyor when he landed his first big role in the mini TV series, See No Evil: The Moors Murders.

Since then he has starred in hit movies and TV shows like Domina, Greatest Days, Cleaning Up, Looking for Eric, and The Rising throughout his career. Additionally, he has portrayed diverse characters such as Mark Doherty in Running Naked, Adam Lang in Doctor Who, Steve Campbell in Deadwater Fell, and Nick in The Bay.

McNulty’s extensive list of film and television credits continues to grow, showcasing his range as an actor. With his talent and versatility, McNulty continues to captivate audiences with his captivating performances.

Many of you might not know that he was forced to change his stage name from Michael to Matthew as there was already another actor named Michael McNulty. He was able to build his own distinctive identity and stand out in the field thanks to this choice.

Matthew McNulty Impressive Role in The Rising: Season 2 Cancelled?

Matthew McNulty played the role of Tom Rees, Neve Kelly’s father, in the British supernatural crime drama television series The Rising. The story revolves around Neve Kelly’s discovery of her own murder and her steadfast drive to track out her killer and seek retribution serve as the central themes of the drama.

By portraying a character who struggles with the emotional pain of his daughter’s situation as Tom Rees, McNulty gives this compelling supernatural drama’s plot depth and complexity. What’s more, the 5’9″ actor even replaced Daniel Ings in pre-production with filming ongoing in the UK on the series. The series also casts Clara Rugaard, Nicholas Gleaves, Emily Taaffe, and so on.

Meanwhile, season two of the show, which was set to be titled, Risen, has been cancelled. As per sources, Sky Studios canceled the series, before they were due to start filming due to unknown circumstances.