Mani Alum Mariamstar1 Net Worth: Journey From Actress To TikToker.

Mani Alum Mariamstar1 Net Worth: Journey From Actress To TikToker

Mariamstar1  is an aspiring model, singer, actress, and social media influencer who rose to fame for her dance and lip-sync videos on TikTok. She played the role of Chloe in the American webseries, Mani alongside, Piper Rockelle, Hayley LeBlanc, Txunamy Ortiz, and so on.

Mariam Assad (b. July 7, 2006) is a gifted young model, dancer, singer, and online phenomenon who goes by the pseudonym Mariamstar1. Mariamstar1 has won the hearts of millions with her engaging TikTok videos. She has made a name for herself in the digital world with a remarkable fan base of more than 2.9 million followers.

Mariamstar1, who is well-known for her mixture of humor and lip-sync videos, frequently works with other well-known social stars, thus strengthening her online visibility and solidifying her place as a rising star in the social media industry.

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Is Mariamstar1 Muslim? All About Her Family & Ethnicity

Mariamstar1 posing with her brother.Mariamstar1 and all her family members come from the Muslim community.
Photo Source: Instagram

Born in Sydney, Australia, Mariamstar1 is Muslim just like other members of her family. She is the youngest child of her parents and has two older sisters and two older brothers. Even though she does not wear the hijab like her mother, the 17-year-old has always embraced her religion. Recently she even shared about Fasting and all during Ramadan in her videos.

Mariam has always loved singing and dancing. She set out on a mission to develop her abilities and pursue her aspirations, encouraged by her encouraging parents. Mariamstar1 started exhibiting her abilities by performing in neighborhood activities and competing. Many people were instantly drawn to her commitment and talent.

Her mother’s handling of her social media accounts and the involvement of her father in some of her videos further point to the robust support system she has.

Mariamstar1 Net Worth In 2023

As per estimating sources, Mariamstar1 holds a net worth of $500,000 thanks to her huge fan following on social media. Though Sponsorships & brand endorsements make up the majority of her income, she also earns good bucks from her dancing career.

Mariamstar1 with Mani's cast, Txunamy Ortiz, Hayley LeBlanc, Piper Rockelle, and Saryna Garcia. spritelybud,com Mariamstar1 is estimated to be worth $500,000.
Photo Source: Instagram

With over 2.9 million followers and 220.5 million likes, the Australian influencer earns an average of $3000 per sponsored video from her TikTok page, (@mariamstar1). Apart from posting lip sync videos, comedy skits, and dance content, she also collaborates with other influencers like Piper Rockelle, Emily Dobson, and so on.

Similarly, she makes around $1900 per brand endorsement post from her Instagram page, where she has over 405,000 followers. Moreover, She has also managed to establish herself as a model working with some prominent brands.

Meanwhile, Marim has proven herself to be more than just a social media sensation. Her talent and influence extend beyond the realm of social media. In a powerful display of her commitment to important social issues, she was featured in an anti-bullying social video titled, Hopeful, performed by the British R&B and rap duo Bars and Melody. This collaboration showcased her dedication to raising awareness about the harmful effects of bullying.

Furthermore, Mariamstar1’s versatility as an entertainer shines through her role as Chloe in the web series Mani, further solidifying her status as a multi-talented performer.

Who Is Mariamstar1 Dating?

Unlike her friends, Piper Rockelle and Emily Dobson, Mariamstar1 appears to be more interested in advancing her work than pursuing love connections at the young age of 17. She invests her time and effort into making interesting TikTok videos and enthralling her audience as a rising star in the entertainment sector.

Mariam’s primary focus is still on developing her skills and sharing her talents with the world, despite the fact that admirers may be interested in learning about her personal life. She clearly values her job before relationships at this point in her life based on her dedication and commitment to her trade.