Kerri Anne Kennerley Denied Plastic Surgery, Admitted Cosmetic

Kerri Anne Kennerley Denied Plastic Surgery, Admitted Cosmetic

Kerri Anne Kennerley slammed the comments about having any plastic surgery done but admitted to going through minor procedures, including her favorite, Fraxel. She also claimed to be happy with the result and how she does it regularly. However, her appearance still left people stunned, and many still admired her beauty and supported her in every decision.

Have you watched the British TV series, I’m a Celebrity? Who was your favorite character? Do you see how Kerri Anne Kennerley made her dramatic exit from the show? The TV series was created by London Weekend Television (LWT) and is produced by Lifted Entertainment. The program’s first season debuted on August 25, 2002, and till now, it has been called a hit show.

Kerri was recently photographed in Sydney from South Africa after leaving the program. She appeared downcast in a casual dress and minimal makeup. She wheeled a trolley containing her luggage through Sydney Airport. She expressed her feelings about why she appeared simple and said she was just living her life.

After seeing Kerri Anne Kennerley at the airport, people were stunned at how well she looked in her late 60s. Many of her fans are curious to know if she has undergone any plastic surgery procedures to change her physical appearance. To know more about her plastic surgery rumors, read this article.

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Kerri Anne Kennerley’s plastic surgery: Her Favorite Procedure is Fraxel!

Kerri Anne Kennerley (@kerriannekennerley) has denied doing any plastic surgeries. However, she claimed of doing Cosmetic procedures like, Botox, Fraxel, and chemical peels. She admitted to enjoying her life with no regrets.

Kerri Anne Kennerley has been a known face in the media for more than 50 years, and throughout her life, people have seen many ups and downs in her life. Kerri’s glam and confidence are the only things that haven’t changed. Do you think she has done anything to face the aging issue?

Kerri Anne Kennerley, before and after plastic surgeryKerri Anne Kennerley, before and after plastic surgery.
Source: Instagram

Kerri Anne Kennerley is now in her late 60s, and next year she will be entering her 70s. What are the secrets behind her glowing face? What is her skincare routine? She appears young for her age, which is unusual. Either she did something to her face to make it appear this way or she has the best makeup artist.

Kerri Anne Kennerley has always been open about her decisions and has not regretted any until now. She has been speculated to have gone through different plastic surgeries. The rumors have generated a lot of heated discussions, but the fact remains that this is not the case. She admitted to doing minor cosmetic procedures called Botox and Fraxel.

Botox is considered a type of cosmetic surgery. It is a cosmetic treatment given through injections, usually in a doctor’s office. This procedure is minimally invasive, meaning it does not involve surgery. About Fraxel, it is a skin-tightening procedure without involving surgery, which also does not involve surgery. Both are different from plastic surgeries. Simply put, she has not gone through the knife but has done something to face the aging problem.

Kerri Anne Kennerley still looks young due to cosmetic procedures.Kerri Anne Kennerley still looks young due to cosmetic procedures.
Source: Instagram

During an interview, the December cover star admitted to loving the results of Fraxel and how she does it regularly. She also said that Fraxel is a secret weapon that is helping her to hide her dark patches and freckles. She spoke of facing different problems because of Freckles in her early days and stated:

If you look at early photos of me in the ‘80s and ‘90s, even on Midday, my freckles were black. People used to call in and complain saying ‘You should put make-up on her chest, she’s got so many freckles. When I had a basal cell carcinoma (BCC) on my nose my dermatologist suggested Fraxel. He said, ‘We’ll watch it for a while; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And knock on wood I never got the skin cancer back.

Not only that but have you heard about Anne’s book? A Bold Life: Kennerly Kerri Anne, which is available in the local market and, for online buyers, on Amazon. It has a 4.3 rating, and through the book, she is as transparent as water. In the book, she says she is happy with the results of chemical peels. Yes, she said that she had all these things done and would continue to do so in the future. She thinks it is subtle and tasteful. Do you want to try chemical peels?

Besides maintaining her looks, Kerri Anne Kennerley has also talked about the surgeries she had to have in January 2021 to help repair her arm. She is said to have had the surgeries after falling 15 feet off a trapeze and plunging to the ground. In the moments she explained how hard it has been to keep her life and how it has been affecting her daily life;

I still don’t have full mobility in my left arm but that will come. It has all gone along extremely well compared to the first six weeks where I couldn’t tie my hair back, I couldn’t dry my hair, I couldn’t do anything, and it was very annoying, Onward and upward, it is all going to be good.