Is Ben Hardy Gay? What Is His Sexuality?

Is Ben Hardy Gay? What Is His Sexuality?

No, Ben Hardy is not gay. Rumors about him being gay started circulating as he has multiple pictures with his male friends on his Instagram (@benhardy).

Adapted from Jennifer E. Smith‘s 2011 novel The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, Netflix‘s Love at First Sight is a romantic comedy film starring Haley Lu Richardson as Hadley Sullivan, a 17-year-old girl who has to attend her father’s second wedding to her yet-to-be stepmother in London. Unfortunately, she misses her flight and is detained in the airport’s packed waiting room. Soon, one of her worst days transforms into something extraordinary when she meets Oliver (Ben Hardy), a British guy with whom she instantly connects.

By chance, Hadley and Oliver are seated next to one another on the aircraft. Their lengthy night on the plane is cut short when they arrive at Heathrow and are separated. Despite the fact that it appears impossible for them to find one other in the hectic city of London, they keep trying.

On the other hand, we’ve found that there has been a rumor surfacing on the internet about Ben Hardy being gay. As a result, many people have been curious to know about his sexuality. Well, if you are looking for the same answer, we’ve got you covered.

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No, Ben Hardy Is Not Gay!

No, Ben Hardy (@benhardy) is not gay. The 32-year-old English actor is straight. While we’re not sure how the rumor about him being gay is trending, we assume it is because he has been posting pictures on his Instagram with his male friends in recent days.

Ben Hardy is straight by sexuality. spritelybud.comBen Hardy is straight by sexuality. 
Image Source: Instagram

Similar to many other performers who have broken boundaries, Hardy has also taken on roles that didn’t reflect his true sexual preferences while still winning over his audience with his talent and charisma. However, despite playing a few gay characters in his acting career, Hardy has never dated a man in real life.

It is important to note that playing a gay role does not indicate actors’ sexual orientation. Unfortunately, some people perceived his participation in social media posts as an indication of his sexual orientation due to social misconceptions.

Furthermore, Ben Hardy has only dated females in the past. There is no proof that he is gay. It is crucial to remember that assumptions based on appearance can be misleading and harmful and that it is always preferable to rely on actual facts rather than stereotypes.

Ben Hardy and Jason Patel Talk About Their Instant Chemistry in the Upcoming Sexy Queer Romance, Unicorns!

Ben Hardy and Jason Patel (@itsjasonpatel) knew they had chemistry before filming their new queer romance Unicorns, which had its global debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Directors Sally El Hosaini and James Krishna Floyd had the actors rehearse parts from the script to test their chemistry before casting Hardy as a dedicated single father and Patel as a South Asian drag queen with whom he builds a surprisingly profound connection.

Ben Hardy and Jason Patel's Unicorns had its world premiere at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival. spritelybud.comBen Hardy and Jason Patel’s Unicorns had its world premiere at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival. 
Image Source: Instagram

Hardy recalls how their chemistry was instant. Later, he told PEOPLE,

Personally, in my experience, I don’t think you can cheat that. I think it’s either there or it’s not. I’ve done things before, I won’t name them, where I’ve tried to manufacture chemistry and spent a lot of time with people. But I think it is like when you fall in love, sometimes you meet someone, you hit it off and things go from there. I think if you don’t have that on screen, it shows,” says Hardy, adding, “But I’m not saying we’re in love!

Later, the 27-year-old actor, Jason Patel also added,

We have such a great friendship now. We even worked out this morning together. I thought [Unicorns] would be something I’ve never done before, so I thought it was something that would be a good test for me. Ultimately, I just thought it was an incredibly beautiful story that I wanted to be a part of.

Likely, Patel, who previously played Mowgli in a touring version of The Jungle Book, saw Unicorns as an opportunity to “bring everything I possibly could have to something. This is the part of representation that I want to bring forward,” he says. “I didn’t have that when I was younger. I gave it my all.”