Ice Poseidon and his girlfriend got into serious trouble recently. The kick streamer was giving a lap dance to his girlfriend Kimberlee in Thailand

Ice Poseidon and His Girlfriend Arrested in Thailand; Might Face Jail Time

Ice Poseidon and his girlfriend got into serious trouble recently. The kick streamer was giving a lap dance to his girlfriend Kimberlee in Thailand which seemed to have violated Thailand’s Computer Crime Act. The charges are serious and there’s a possibility of Ice facing more than 5 years in Thailand prison.

Paul Denimo known on the internet as Ice Poseidon is an American internet personality and streamer. Ever since his early days as a streamer, trouble seems to have relentlessly followed him. During his rise to fame on Twitch, an unfortunate incident occurred at the Phoenix airport when he was swatted by the police, prompted by a bomb threat made by one of his viewers. Following the incident, twitch banned him and he switched to Youtube, then Mixer. Since the Mixer shut down in 2020 he is now streaming on Kick where trouble seemed to have followed him yet again.

During his recent stream, where he was in Thailand with his girlfriend Kimberlee, he got in serious trouble for violating Thailand’s Computer Crime Act. He was at a party with Kimberlee which turned into a nightmare real quickly. They were drinking and having fun. While having fun and games, Poseidon gave a lap dance to his girlfriend, unaware that this act was against the law in Thailand. Keep reading as we go through all the details surrounding the arrest and talk about Posidon’s girlfriend right now.

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Who Is Ice Poseidon Girlfriend? What Happened That Resulted in the Arrest of Ice Poseidon and His Girlfriend?

Ice Poseidon is possibly in a relationship with Kimberlee. According to MarriedCeleb, the two began dating at the end of  2018. However, according to BiographyTribune, he is dating Caroline Burt, while DatingCelebs suggests that he is currently single. Since, he was spotted partying with Kimberlee in Thailand, most likely she is the one he’s dating. Kimberlee also constantly appears on Ice’s stream and is often spotted in public places hugging, holding hands, and doing a couple of things. Ice on the other hand has even made multiple videos introducing Kimberlee as his girlfriend.

It seems that the two are extremely supportive of each other, however, we don’t exactly know when they planning to tie the knot. It looks like they are more focused on building their relationship and career at the moment rather than getting married. They are often visiting incredible places around the world with them just recently being in Thailand which turned into mayhem.

Ice Poseidon, his current supposed girlfriend Kimberlee, and a crew of Kick streamer friends were having fun partying at a hotel in Thailand. Ice was wearing lingerie and began giving Kimberlee a lap dance, unaware that it would turn out to be the worst lap dance he had ever given. Shortly after the dance, the manager arrived and had the streamers arrested. Since then, they have come to realize that their reckless behavior could potentially lead to a significant amount of jail time.

Ice Poseidon gave a lap dance to his girlfriend Kimberlee for which he got arrested in Thailand. The situation is messy as he awaits for his court hearing. Ice Poseidon’s lap dance for girlfriend Kimberlee led to his arrest in Thailand. The situation is complicated as he awaits his court hearing.
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Ice Poseidon later disclosed that he had spent $12,000 US dollars on bail and might be staying in Thailand for a while until the case clears out. He proceeded to recount the terrible experiences he had while in a Thai jail, mentioning that he was forced to use a bucket for his bathroom needs, which already had poop in it. Here’s what he shared,

We all face heavy charges with a lot o jail time. Our bail was almost unavailable. So it’s very serious. The bail was like 12k for everyone. If I get 5 years I’m just going to k*ll myself I will not be able to survive Thai jail. The jail I was just at only had a bucket. With poop already in it.

Currently, Ice Poseidon is waiting for his court date. Luckily, all the charges were dropped for everyone except Hyub.

So I met with my lawyer toady. And I have good news. So I met with my lawyer today, The charges have been dropped on everyone except Hyub since I didn’t put him on a lawyer retainer. I still have to go court MAYBE just because of the process but we aren’t getting any jail. My lawyer is meeting with the police to see if they’ll throw the case out so I don’t have to wait months until court. So I have no charges but I still have court

Despite the charges being dropped at the moment, anything can still happen in court. A silly mistake has caused him immense trouble in a foreign country. Therefore, it is always advisable to familiarize oneself with the laws before visiting any country.