Graeme Souness’ Plastic Surgery: His Secret to Anti-aging!

Graeme Souness’ Plastic Surgery: His Secret to Anti-aging!

Graeme Souness has been accused of receiving plastic surgery to prevent aging as people believe he doesn’t look like he is 70 years old at all. However, he has yet to make remarks on the accusation.

Graeme James Souness is a former professional football player, manager, and television analyst from Scotland. The midfielder was captain of Liverpool‘s successful early 1980s team, player-manager of Rangers in the late 1980s, and captain of the Scotland national team. He also had stints with Tottenham Hotspur, Middlesbrough, and Sampdoria.

Souness began his management career with Rangers, where he led them to three Scottish titles and four league cups before taking over at Liverpool. He later managed Galatasaray, Southampton, Torino, Benfica, Blackburn Rovers, and Newcastle United, among others.

Recently, Graeme Souness has been in a debate of speech all over the internet due to his facial appearance. Many people believe he might have undergone plastic surgery because he looks completely different than he used to be. So, if you are curious to know if he did really go under the knife, we are here to help.

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Graeme Souness Might Have Received Plastic Surgery to Prevent Aging!

Graeme Souness has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors over the years. Fans on social media are debating his face changes and accuse him of using Botox and fillers to improve his appearance and slow the aging process.

For those who are unaware, Graeme is currently 70 years old. You read is right. He should have a lot of wrinkles and lines on his face. However, his skin does not look like he is in his 70s. Matter of fact, his face looks smooth sometimes.

Graeme Souness before and after plastic surgery. spritelybud.comGraeme Souness before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source:  Spritely Bud

As a result, there’s a high chance he got non-surgical procedures such as Botox and fillers rather than actual plastic surgery to prevent aging. He is a TV personality after all.

However, Graeme Souness has never made any statement regarding the accusations. He has neither denied nor accepted any of the allegations.’

Please remember that all of the given information is completely based on our speculation. These kinds of subject is pretty sensitive and be careful while making accusations, especially when you have no evidence.

Nevertheless, we will surely get back to you as soon as we get any updates about his possible plastic surgery. Stay Tuned!!

Liverpool Great Graeme Souness Breaks up as He Unveils an Unexpected New Challenge!

Graeme Souness has announced that he will swim the English Channel to benefit a charity important to his heart. The former Liverpool player stunned many when he announced his departure from Sky Sports, but he was back on the country’s screens this morning to outline a challenge he has lined up.

Graeme Souness swims the English Channel to benefit a charity important to his heart. spritelybud.comGraeme Souness swims the English Channel to benefit a charity important to his heart.
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Souness noted that the purpose of this massive challenge is to promote the work of the national organization DEBRA, which provides assistance to people living with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a degenerative disorder that targets the organs and development of children.

It causes the skin to become fragile and frequently results in painful blisters. Currently, there is no cure for the illness. Souness told BBC Breakfast,

It is the most horrendous disease. If you’re inflated by it, you must wake up every morning and say ‘Why me?’ It is a desperate situation, and then the parents have to deal with that – and that’s what we’re doing. I knew nothing about this, I’d never heard of this disease and the vast majority of people out there will know nothing about this disease.

He continued,

Please do a little bit of research and see how nasty and awful this is to sufferers and the impact it has on families. It properly punched me on the nose when I first witnessed a sufferer. You’d’ have to be some special human being, if you’re to meet Isla or any poor children who are sufferers, not to be moved by it. I plead with anyone who can do a bit for us, because we must bring relief to them.

Souness became aware of EB four years ago after meeting a 14-year-old girl named Isla, with whom he has maintained contact. Souness reconnected with the girl to discuss how she manages the problems she faces on a daily basis, and she asked Isla what the most challenging element of her treatment has been so far. She explained,

I had plastic surgery on my hands. They basically separated the fingers and straightened them. My fingers are still there, they’re just cased in the skin.

Isla further stated that the bandages on her hands are changed three times a week. When asked to rank the pain of this process on a scale of ten, she said, “I’d say 11.”