Selling the OC: Gio Helou Plastic Surgery!

Selling the OC: Gio Helou Plastic Surgery!

Gio Helou from Selling the OC has been suspected of undergoing plastic surgery because of his mom, Lisa. Well, here is the truth.

Netflix‘s original series Selling the OC, a spinoff of Selling Sunset, centers on the employees of The Oppenheim Group’s Newport Beach office in Orange County, California. The Orange Country version, like the original, provides a glimpse into the interpersonal turmoil and professional occurrences that occur in the life of real estate salespeople as they strive to sell lavish luxury residences in Orange County, California.

One such cast member about whom fans have been pretty curious is Gio Helou, whose enthusiastic and strong presence has set him apart on the show. As a professional realtor has demonstrated his distinct personality, it has piqued the interest of many people to know more about him.

Among all the queries, most people want to know if he has received plastic surgery since his mother, Lisa, is popular on the Internet for receiving botched plastic surgery. Well, let’s find it out.

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People Wonder if Gio Helou From Selling the OC Has Received Plastic Surgery Like His Mom!

There are growing rumors that Gio Helou‘s (@giovannehelou) new look in Selling the OC is the consequence of plastic surgery. According to the internet, the 35-year-old reality personality underwent Botox injections and a nose job. However, he has neither confirmed nor rejected the rumor. It appears that he is unconcerned with what others think of his appearance. It appears all the accusations have been made because of his mother.

Gio Helou has yet to confirm his plastic surgery rumors. spritelybud.comGio Helou has yet to confirm his plastic surgery rumors.
Image Source: Instagram

Although few people prefer having Botox injections, Gio Helou may have benefited from this cosmetic procedure. Given his absence of aging effects such as wrinkles and facial lines, the rumors may be true. This is the outcome of taking the proper Botox injections without going overboard; his appearance is undeniably youthful.

Furthermore, Gio Helou’s nose region appears to have changed. Because it is nearly difficult to acquire a thinner, straighter nasal bridge at his age without plastic surgery when it was not present at birth, such outcomes cannot be attributed to aging.

He may have had a nose job, which helped him reconstruct his nose tip such that it was pointed. His new look has elicited a wide range of opinions, with some pointing to makeup as a possible explanation.

Given that plastic surgery is a reasonably common practice among celebrities, even if they often remain silent about it, it’s not surprising. However, Gio Helou is lucky in that it improved rather than damaged his appearance.

Details on Gio Helou’s Mom’s Plastic Surgery!

As soon as Gio Helou‘s mom, Lisa Helou (@lisa_cantagallo_helou) appeared on Selling the OC, she was very quickly charged with having plastic surgery, particularly Botox and fillers, to look younger. The face of the Netflix cast appears to be made of synthetic materials. Furthermore, it is understandable that someone with a renowned name in The Oppenheim Group would want to seem better and younger.

Gio Helou's mom, Lisa, is said to have received Botox and fillers. spritelybud.comGio Helou’s mom, Lisa, is said to have received Botox and fillers.
Image Source: Instagram

Viewers on social media have questioned Lisa Helou’s medical history after seeing Gio Helou’s mother on the Netflix show. Being from Southern California, it’s not unexpected that the mother and agent had plastic surgery, but it appears that many people feel they merely required Botox. We won’t lie, she looks beautiful whether she has or hasn’t.

Despite our best attempts, we were unable to discover any current information regarding Helou plastic surgery on the internet. The rumors that celebrities receive plastic surgery may not be true. If she had undergone surgery, she could have provided more up-to-date information to her audience and followers.

But while the occasional injection of Botox or filler is harmless, Lisa hasn’t confirmed any procedures she might have had done. As a result, we can only speculate about her plastic surgery for the time being. On the other hand, we’re rather certain Lisa Helou isn’t entirely natural. She is in her mid-60s but has a much more youthful appearance.

However, we can’t be certain but must assume that Lisa Helou has had plastic surgery to seem younger until she verifies the rumors herself.  It’s logical that someone who is quite successful in her profession and lives a nice lifestyle would not want to appear older. We’ll respond as soon as we receive any information from our sources.