TOWIE: Ella Rae Wise Boyfriend in 2023; Callum Izzard or Jack McDermott or Dani Imbert?

TOWIE: Ella Rae Wise Boyfriend in 2023; Callum Izzard or Jack McDermott or Dani Imbert?

Ella Rae Wise from TOWIE has a boyfriend in 2023, however, she has yet to reveal his identity. We do know that her boyfriend has tattoos and can afford to fly a private jet. On the other hand, she was previously linked to Callum Izzard, Jack McDermott, and Dani Imbert.

Ella Raw Wise is a reality television celebrity best known for her participation in the iconic English series The Only Way Is Essex or TOWIE. She also starred in the second season of Ex on the Beach. Her popularity on these shows aided her in gaining a sizable following.

Although Ella Rae Wise is feuding with Dani Imbert and Junaid Ahmed on their Cyprus vacation, the TOWIE star’s boyfriend is keeping her happy. She has only posted one Instagram photo of him that does not show his face. So, what do we know about her boyfriend?

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2023: Ella Rae Wise From TOWIE Has Yet to Reveal Who Her Boyfriend Is!

Ella Rae Wise (@ellaraewisex) from TOWIE has had a number of on-screen romances, but she’s keeping her latest relationship a secret for the time being. According to rumors, she has been dating her current boyfriend since last year and has stated that she is in love, but she has kept her man’s identity hidden as of 2023.

Ella Rae Wise's boyfriend is still a mystery as she has not disclosed any details. spritelybud.comElla Rae Wise’s boyfriend is still a mystery as she has not disclosed any details.
Image Source: Instagram

However, after teasing us for most of the summer, Ella has now revealed a first glimpse at her new boyfriend on her Instagram story, and he clearly looks fit. The TOWIE star posted a photo of her tatted hunny boarding what appears to be a private jet, but she chose to hide his face from her 289K Instagram followers. She captioned the post, ”

Have the best time. I love you. D’aww.

We’re simply thrilled to see Ella receiving some off-camera love because as far as we can tell, she’s not getting any on-camera love right now, after supposedly feuding with besties Junaid Ahmed and Dani Imbert. But when Closer last spoke with Ella, she spent the entirety of the conversation gushing about her new partner and even indicated that they would be taking some major moves in their relationship in the not-too-distant future. She stated,

My relationship is going really well and it’s lovely because I’ve finally found someone that’s all for me, all for what I do, all for elevating me in my life.

Ella suggested that he might come on TOWIE (despite the fact that we’ve just seen his chin) and added,

I’m very happy. I’m very excited to see where it’s gonna take me. My family love him. I’m just excited to see what happens and hopefully you will be seeing him. Fingers crossed. He’s not anyone you’ve probably seen before because he’s not in the public eye. He’s just very normal, very loving, got a very good business and gives me his whole heart.

If their early dates are any indication, Ella and her boyfriend’s wedding will be a major event. Ella took her Instagram followers on what we believe to be the most romantic date ever in November of last year. The blonde reality TV actress recently spent a romantic evening at Starlight Camp in Dubai, a lavish campsite in the Arabian desert where only guests know the exact location.

As much as we enjoy living vicariously through Ella, we’re curious about who she was joined by. Do they, whoever they are, seek to woo us as well? Ella began the night by showing her fans a bouquet of red and cream flowers, which was followed by a romantic dinner at a lighted hidden location in the desert.

With a fantastic lunch, stargazing, and watching a movie under blankets and the magnificent night sky, the TOWIE star’s evening just got better. She told her followers it was “a night I’ll never forget” and uploaded more photos of herself enjoying the quiet evening.

Why Did Ella Rae Wise and Callum Izzard Split?

Ella Rae Wise and Callum Izzard reportedly dated for a few weeks. spritelybud.comElla Rae Wise and Callum Izzard reportedly dated for a few weeks.
Image Source: Heat Magazine

Ella Rae Wise and Callum Izzard (@callumalexandre) were spotted kissing on the dancefloor at the inauguration of Manchester’s Vision nightclub in October 2022 after her breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Jack McDermott. Later, the source told The Sun,

Callum is so far from Ella’s normal type but everything seems to be working out really well. They only met a few times before they started filming The Challenge in Argentina. They got really close after a couple of weeks and they’ve got such a strong bond. They look perfect together.

They added,

No one was expecting a relationship to blossom between Ella and Callum. They live on opposite ends of the country but hopefully they can make it work. Everyone is so happy to see Ella with a man who will respect her and treat her the way she deserves.

However, Ella later exclusively revealed to Closer Online that she was not in an official relationship with Callum and that they were just getting to know each other. They were later alleged to have split following constant rows.