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Eleanor Neale’s Boyfriend: Meet Jack Manifold!

Eleanor Neale is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jack Manifold. He is an English YouTuber and streamer on Twitch. He is well-known online for his deft game-playing abilities and upbeat personality. 

The Ukrainian-English YouTuber Eleanor Neale is known for her videos about crime, makeup, and vlogs. She is such a well-known character on social media that many of her fans have been wondering about her current dating status. Does she have a boyfriend? Continue reading to learn more about her boyfriend.

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Eleanor Neale Has Been Dating Her Boyfriend, Jack Manifold, Since Early 2023!

Eleanor Neale‘s (@eleanorneale) boyfriend’s name is Jack Manifold. She made her relationship official in a YouTube video the day after 2023 Valentine’s Day. Her followers were unable to remain calm after learning that she had met a boyfriend. Jack also uploaded a post in which he claimed to have a girlfriend on February 21, 2023. Fans of Neale and Manifold were overjoyed for the couple.

They initially met in June 2022 at a birthday gathering for a mutual friend. They didn’t fall in love right away; instead, the couple went months without speaking. Neale ran into him again when she traveled to Brighton for a week. She drove drunk from London to Brighton on their first serious date.

Eleanor Neale and Jack went out to eat, and then he brought her to a cocktail bar. They were becoming acquainted. Jack flew out to surprise her on her birthday. For her special day, she asked him to bring a cat. Jack agreed to accompany her to the store to purchase it. They also professed their admiration for the Breaking Bad television series.

They appear to be the ideal match, with the girl being chaotic and Jack exuding calm energy. After a week they made their relationship official. On the other side, they were only spotted playing a few games. They also tested their typing rates. Neale had a word-per-minute rate of 53, whereas Jack had a rate of 64.

Despite others claiming Jack Manifold would never get a girlfriend, he tweeted that he had won. He posted a photo of the two holding hands.

On the other hand, people are curious about their age since they have created a buzz on the internet by disclosing their dating life, While Eleanor is 24, Jack is 21.

Eleanor Neale’s Boyfriend, Jack Manifold, Is a Streamer on Twitch & Youtuber!

Eleanor Neale‘s boyfriend Jack Manifold is an English YouTuber and streamer on Twitch. Since 2019, he has been frequently broadcasting on Twitch with his channel, JackManifoldTV. On his Twitch account, Manifold has 2 million followers. Before naming the channel, he was known as THUNDER1408. He used to broadcast Minecraft videos.

Eleanor Neale's boyfriend, Jack Manifold, is a popular streamer. spritelybud.comEleanor Neale’s boyfriend, Jack Manifold, is a popular streamer.
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The Twitch star (@JackManifoldTV) nowadays tweets his reactions to TikTok videos, watches ghost-hunting films, and plays Roblox. Among his streamed categories are Just Chatting, Phasmophobia, and Arizona Sunshine, to name a few.

He occasionally works with other prominent internet broadcasters like Tubbo and Tommylnnit. He uploads the highlights of his streams to his YouTube channel.

He’s become well-known online for his deft game-playing abilities and upbeat personality. He is also active on other social media sites, like Twitter and Instagram, where he has over a million followers. Moreover, he has 2.1 million followers on Doscord and TikTok.

Because of his massive internet following, businesses and companies contacted him for paid collaborations, commercials, and endorsements. That is how he earns his living. He also offers merchandise through his web store.

Know More About Eleanor Neale’s Boyfriend, Jack Manifold!

Eleanor Neale’s boyfriend Jack Manifold (b. August 14, 2002) was born and raised in England, United Kingdom in a middle-class Christian family. His parents’ names are still under wraps. He has a brother named Josh Manifold who is currently pursuing his schooling.

The Twitch star finished his primary and secondary education at Trinity Church of England High School. He has not yet enrolled in any of the universities. He has always been interested in gaming since he was a kid and always desired to be a professional gamer. In his school days, he was actively involved in different cultural and sporting events, and he earned numerous prizes.

The social media star is a good-looking, intelligent, and beautiful man with a pleasant and endearing demeanor. He stands 5’8″ tall and weighs around 59 kg.

He has a beautiful face and a powerful physical structure and physique. His favorite celebrity is Tom Hardy, and his favorite places to visit are Disneyland and Italy. He enjoys listening to music. He enjoys traveling. He is a fan of the companies Adidas, Nike, and Reebok.