Dan Buettner’s New Book: Everything You Need to Know! spritelybud.com

Dan Buettner’s New Book: Everything You Need to Know!

Dan Buettner released his new book, The Blue Zones Secrets for Living Longer: Lessons From the Healthiest Places on Earth, on August 29, 2023.

The Blue Zones – areas of the world where people tend to live the longest — are being brought to life in a new Netflix series centered on learning from their lessons on longevity. Dan Buettner, the explorer and best-selling author who has studied Blue Zones for 20 years, takes viewers on a journey to the regions with the highest number of centenarians, or people who live to 100, in the four-part series Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones.

Viewers learn about the foods that sustain this outstanding population and other aspects of their everyday activities that positively affect their health by going inside their houses and interviewing Buettner.

Additionally, Dan Buettner has been heavily advertising his new book if you’ve been following him on social media platforms. So, what is it all about? Well, let’s have a look.

everything you need to know about Dan Buettner’s New Book, The Blue Zones Secrets for Living Longer!

Dan Buettner (@danbuettner) released his new book, The Blue Zones: Secrets for Living Longer: Lessons From the Healthiest Places on Earth on August 29, 2023. While you may buy the book in hardcover for $22.99, you can add it to your Kindle library for $14.99. Aside from Amazon, the book is also available at Target, Barnes & Noble, and Bookshop.

Dan Buettner's The Blue Zones: Secrets for Living Longer: Lessons From the Healthiest Places on Earth is already out. spritelybud.comDan Buettner’s The Blue Zones: Secrets for Living Longer: Lessons From the Healthiest Places on Earth is already out. 
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Talking about Buettner’s latest book, he delves even deeper into how people may set up their surroundings to instinctively support healthy choices, just like residents of the Blue Zones. According to him,

We make about 220 food decisions a day. Only about 10% of them, 22 or so, are conscious, the other almost 200 are unconscious. So the Blue Zone approach is not trying to make you muster discipline or presence of mind to govern those 20 decisions — our approach is to help you set up your kitchen and your social life so those 200 unconscious decisions… are slightly better.

Dan Buettner gave plant-based culinary recommendations for living longer in a Person to Person interview with CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell earlier this year. However, his most recent initiatives will teach even those who are previously familiar with his work something new.

According to Buettner, there are roughly a dozen new discoveries to take away from the series, including a site he refers to as a Blue Zone 2.0 – Singapore. He stated,

(Singapore) demonstrates that we don’t have to be as sick and unhealthy as we are as a nation. There are other economically developed young countries that are vastly diverse, culturally speaking, that achieve much better health outcomes.

And Buettner says he’s not done learning, hinting at three other destinations he’s researching and intends to share shortly. He explained,

I’m very interested in healthy life expectancy now. Blue Zones was about living a long time, and there are new metrics out that measure years of life lived at full health, and America does a pretty crappy job. He believes these new locations should provide insight on “not just making it to 95 or 100, but making the journey an absolute blast and feeling good the whole way.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Netflix’s Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones?

‘Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones’ season 1 premiered in its entirety on Netflix on August 30, 2023, at 12 a.m. PT or 3 a.m. ET, implying that all four episodes were released at the same time. Each of these chapters lasts between 32 and 45 minutes, allowing you to binge-watch this perplexing, engaging, and motivating show in less than three hours.

In terms of ‘Live to 100’ season 2, neither the worldwide platform nor any series executive or cast member has provided any formal confirmation of a probable renewal/cancellation until now. However, we believe that this manufacturing will be renewed for at least one more installment in the coming months due to nothing more than the total virtual consumer market in 2023.

Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones season 2 has yet not been confirmed. spritelybud.comLive to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones season 2 has yet not been confirmed. 
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We say this because the three key elements Netflix is known to weigh when deciding whether to recommission a show are commercial success, scope, and first viewer response. So the fact that ‘Live to 100’ has already begun to generate positive evaluations because of its originality is fantastic; also, there is variety, as it is human nature to be curious about our existence.

Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, with Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones project apparently thriving in various states across the US — where he’s carefully, passionately working alongside teams of renowned experts to replicate an environment of longevity from all the secrets he’s uncovered during his two decades of research — there are already additional places a possible second iteration can cover.

In other words, if Netflix finds that season 1 surpassed their expectations and that there is an undeniable demand for more such originals, they could publicly announce a renewal very soon. So, if all goes well, and we take into account the pre-planning, filming, and editing processes, we can expect ‘Live to 100’ season 2 to hit our screens in late 2024.