Axe-Hand Morgan’s Son in One Piece Live Action: Meet Helmeppo!

Axe-Hand Morgan’s Son in One Piece Live Action: Meet Helmeppo!

Lieutenant Commander Helmeppo is the son of the ex-marine captain, Axe-Hand Morgan, in One Piece live action. 

Though Netflix has developed a few very excellent shows based on American comic books, it has consistently struggled to adapt Japanese manga and anime series for the small screen in ways that have truly resonated (positively) with consumers.

Netflix has released so many lukewarm, awkwardly Westernised spins on classics like Death Note and Cowboy Bebop that it was easy to dismiss the streamer’s new live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda‘s One Piece as yet another dud that would disappoint viewers regardless of whether they were fans of the source material.

But, unlike Netflix’s previous attempts at bringing two-dimensional characters to life by emulating visual accuracy and recreating iconic cartoon shots, One Piece works surprisingly well by getting the truly important things right, such as a strong sense of place and action sequences that feel natural.

In the series, we can see Axe-Hand Morgan, the first significant Marine officer to appear in the storyline, and his son who walked in his father’s footsteps. As a result, people are being curious to know more about his son. Well, here is everything you need to know.

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Axe-Hand Morgan’s Son Is Lieutenant Commander Helmeppo, a Marine Officer!

Lieutenant Commander Helmeppo is the son of ex-Marine Captain Axe-Hand Morgan in Netflix’s One Piece. Once a civilian who shamelessly took advantage of his father’s position, he (together with Koby) undertook lengthy training under Vice-Admiral Garp to become a full-fledged serviceman, currently holding the rank of lieutenant commander. He is also a member of the secret organization SWORD.

Axe-Hand Morgan's son, Helmeppo, is a Lieutenant Commander in the Marines. spritelybud.comAxe-Hand Morgan’s son, Helmeppo, is a Lieutenant Commander in the Marines.
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He can be regarded as a supporting antagonist of the Romance Dawn Arc due to his conduct during his first appearance. He and Koby are also the main characters in the Diary of Koby-Meppo Cover Page Serial.

Helmeppo was a spoiled and unpleasant guy during his father’s leadership over the 153rd Branch and Shells Town, continually exploiting whomever he could with threats of arrest and execution. When his position failed to shield him, he would inevitably succumb to absolute cowardice. Even at his worst, he was unusually sentimental, surprising Morgan with modest mercies.

After his father was booted out, he lost the lavish life he lived under his father’s rank. He was obliged to work as a chore boy beside Koby, despite his friendliness. Helmeppo was still loyal to his father, as seen by his tears before his father’s execution.

However, he gradually realizes that his father is just as vicious and bloodthirsty as the pirates, prompting Helmeppo to reject and disown him. This severed his last connection to his father and compelled him to evolve, becoming braver and less of a spoiled child. He and Koby eventually become excellent buddies.

Axe-Hand Morgan’s son grows as a result of the events of Water 7, even referring to his younger self as that bratty, selfish son who lived off his father’s status. He is now a lieutenant commander alongside Koby and is continuing his Marine Corps training. When Zoro and Luffy didn’t recognize him, he was extremely (and hilariously) distressed.

Helmeppo appears to be more levelheaded than Koby when it comes to analyzing events, despite the fact that Koby is more aggressive. He has developed a predilection for being unnecessarily formal since the time jump, even with Koby.

Helmeppo’s Relationship With His Father, Axe-Hand Morgan, Discussed!

Helmeppo used to believe that he had a close relationship with his father, Axe-Hand Morgan. He took use of his father’s position as a tyrant Marine Captain before meeting Monkey D. Luffy and Koby, assuming his father would back him up if anything threatened or displeased him.

Axe-Hand Morgan' and Helmeppo don't appear to have a good relationship. spritelybud.comAxe-Hand Morgan’ and Helmeppo don’t appear to have a good relationship.
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When Helmeppo tries to summon his father to retaliate against Luffy for punching him, Morgan instead smacks him with the back of his ax hand for trying to order him around, revealing that he has no fatherly affection for him and even considers Helmeppo a worthless son not worth hitting.

Despite this, Helmeppo maintains his delusory friendship with his father and attempts to aid him in beating Luffy by kidnapping Koby. After being stripped of his title and imprisoned, Morgan escaped and kidnapped his son, at which time Helmeppo fully renounced his father and transformed his attitude.

One Piece live action is now streaming on Netflix.

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