Is Anant Ambani’s Weight Gain the Result of Ignorance of His Diet?

Is Anant Ambani’s Weight Gain the Result of Ignorance of His Diet?

Anant Ambani has received a lot of backlash from his fans after it was reported that he had gained weight again. He seems to have faced many problems regarding his physical appearance, and when his mother explained that he gained weight due to the steroids from his asthma treatments, many were relieved after seeing him fight against his problem. With the news of his recent sudden change in weight, he has raised concerns among fans about his health, and some wonder if he has stopped following his diet.

Did you catch a glimpse of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center gala? Who, in your opinion, was the best prepared for the event? The NMACC event has made the news in India for all time, and it has been named one of the biggest events in India. At the event, almost all of the Bollywood and some Hollywood actresses and actors made their appearances. The most impressive part of the event was seeing every one of them in Indian wear, including Zendaya and Gigi.

Every person’s appearance and dress told a different story, but what do you think about the appearance of Ambani’s family members? Fans’ eyes were all over the most talked-about couple of the Ambani family, Anant, and Radhika, who also gave major couple goals with their twinning game. Radhika was wearing a stunning black saree with silver floral work on it, while Anant was wearing a bandhgala sherwani set.

After fans saw Anant at the event, people started getting curious if he had gained weight again or not. Well, if you don’t know about his weight loss journey, he was previously reported to have shed some weight. In this article, we will be talking about whether Anant Ambani’s physical transformation rumors are true or not and about his diet in detail.

Anant Ambani Has Once Again Experienced Weight Gain: Is It Due to His Health Condition or a Lack of Proper Diet?

Fana has been wondering about the reason behind Anant Ambani‘s weight gain since his appearance after his engagement. There are a lot of questions that need answers, but as of now, the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani seems to be taking time for himself.

Picture of Anant Ambani before and after weight gain.

Picture of Anant Ambani before and after weight gain.
Image Source: Spritely Bud

Growing up in the spotlight after being born into a wealthy family seems to have both positive and negative aspects. Well, the youngest member of the family is the most targeted and is often called a spoiled child. Likewise, the young son of Mukesh, Anant, has been under the spotlight from his childhood days; his every activity, including his breakfast, education, and affairs, is among the media as an open book.

Anant Ambani has been in the news for his weight and physical appearance for a long time. Previously, in 2016, he shocked many people after he reduced his weight by 108 kg in 18 months. At that time, many celebrities and well-known faces praised his determination, but earlier this year, when his recent pictures started flooding all over the internet, people started wondering if this was a fake picture or if he had gained weight.

The pictures were from Anant Ambani’s engagement with Radhika Merchant which was held in Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. Fans started recognizing the massive weight gain that he had lost. People started asking him if he had started binge eating or if he was not well. What do you think—is it normal to gain weight all of a sudden? Did he start ignoring his diet? It might be the result of binge eating.

Anant Ambani gained all the weight back again in 2023.

Anant Ambani gained all the weight back again in 2023.
Image Source: Zoom TV

When talking about the previous weight loss journey, Anant Ambani’s mother, Nita, stated that her eldest son hasn’t gone through any surges to shed weight. However, he gained weight due to steroids from Asthma Treatment. After the statement, it was clear that it was not the issue of having junk food or a lack of exercise. Nita also said:

Anant was highly asthmatic so we had to put him on a lot of steroids. He suffers from obesity. Hence, the asthma treatment resulted in a lot of weight gain. He did not undergo any surgeries and purely followed a strict diet and workout routine to shed those extra kilos.

Though at that time fans were happy to see that Anant was getting better, due to his sudden weight gain again, they are now wondering if something is serious or not. Anant Ambani has yet to talk about the situation, but we hope it’s not that serious to be worried about. According to some of the doctors, his condition had a yo-yo kind of effect as they stated;

Weight regain can be a yo-yo kind of effect where you lose weight, and you gain weight or gain back all your weight is a normal phenomenon in people who tend to lose weight by diet and exercise particularly when their initial BMI is over 30. So, once it’s over 30 you try to lose weight you may lose weight but then invariably you tend to regain all your weight and this kind of yo-yo continues and this happens in nearly 94% of people.