Alison Hammond Weight Loss Journey 2023: A National Treasure’s Transformation

Alison Hammond weight loss journey started once the TV presenter saw she weighed over 20 stones (280+ pounds). The journey she has been on has been an inspiration for many.

Alison Hammond, the beloved and BAFTA-nominated TV presenter, has been making headlines not just for her infectious charm and charisma but also for her remarkable weight loss journey. The 48-year-old, best known for co-hosting This Morning with Dermot O’Leary, recently stunned audiences at The Mike Gala: Stormzy’s 30th Birthday in London, showcasing a slimmer figure in a black knee-length dress with a plunging neckline and silver fringe embellishments. This transformation is a testament to her dedication to a healthier lifestyle.

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Alison Hammond Weight Loss 2023: Joining Weight Watchers

Alison’s commitment to her well-being became evident in 2019 when she joined WW (formerly Weight Watchers) to embark on a journey to become the “best version” of herself. This decision wasn’t solely about shedding pounds but about feeling good, proper nutrition, and regular exercise. Speaking about her experience, Alison shared, “My Weight Watchers journey is focused on getting healthier for myself. I feel rubbish when I don’t eat properly, or exercise and Weight Watchers helps me with what I eat and do.”

Alison Hammond weight lossAlison Hammond weight loss journey started when the TV-presenter saw her weight climb over 280 pounds.
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Before embracing the points-based weight loss program, Alison Hammond weighed over 20 stone. However, her determination and adherence to the WW program have led to a dramatic transformation, making her too small for many of her clothes. Rather than keeping these garments tucked away, she’s using them for a charitable cause.

In memory of her late mother Maria, who succumbed to liver cancer in January 2020, Alison is selling a variety of her clothes, ranging up to a size 30, on the resale website Reliked. All proceeds from these sales are being generously donated to the British Liver Trust, showcasing not only a physical but also a philanthropic transformation.

An Inspiring Journey

Alison Hammond weight loss journey has been a source of inspiration for her fans, and her impact extends beyond television screens. The national treasure has graced British TV for nearly two decades, and attentive followers have witnessed her weight loss evolution over the years. In 2017, she participated in Sugar Free Farm, a TV experiment challenging celebrities to eliminate sugar from their diets. Under the guidance of the show’s nutritionist, Angelique Panagos, the process involved going cold turkey on sugar for two weeks at Laverstoke Park Farm.

This lifestyle change was not without its difficulties, as Alison likened it to “coming off alcohol.” The TV presenter acknowledged that her weight was not due to a lack of exercise, as she described herself as “always on the go,” participating in activities like Zumba and regular walks. Instead, her weight gain was attributed to snacking habits fueled by a hectic schedule that left her reaching for chocolate bars.

Before the lifestyle shift, Alison confessed to consuming an average of two chocolate bars per day, amounting to a staggering 666 in a year. However, the Sugar Free Farm experience was transformative, leading to a substantial weight loss of two stone. Post-show, Alison has successfully maintained her weight loss by adopting a limited sugar intake, emphasizing the positive impact on her overall well-being.

Alison Hammond Weight Loss 2023: Impact on Her Life

The TV personality, in an interview with Lorraine Kelly on the podcast What If?, highlighted her ongoing commitment to health and well-being. Alison shared that her Weight Watchers (WW) journey is not just about losing weight but about making healthier choices for herself. She expressed, “I want my journey to empower others to think about making changes to their lifestyle to become the best version of themselves.”

Alison Hammond weight loss 20 stones spritelybud.comAlison Hammond weight loss journey was aided by Weigh Watchers.
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As Alison takes a break from This Morning for a summer hiatus, her journey continues to serve as an inspiration to those looking to prioritize their health and well-being. With her vibrant personality, philanthropic endeavors, and commitment to positive lifestyle changes, Alison Hammond weight loss remains a beacon of inspiration for her fans and a testament to the transformative power of dedication and self-care.