Alex Hall’s Husband: Details on Her Ex Neil Flores & Kids; Is She Still Dating Tyler?

Alex Hall’s Husband: Details on Her Ex Neil Flores & Kids; Is She Still Dating Tyler?

Alex Hall from Selling the OC was previously married to her ex-husband, Neil Flores, with whom she shares two kids. However, the couple got divorced in 2015. Later, she began dating Tyler Stanaland which also couldn’t last for long. As of now, she is currently single.

If there’s one thing that Netflix‘s Selling the OC reveals about realtor Alexandra “Alex” Hall, it’s that she’s as hardworking as she is competitive, opinionated, and strong-willed. While she has never spoken openly about her parents or siblings, it’s clear she has a family to look after. They appear to be the key reason she changed from interior design to real estate in 2013, only to quickly transform into one of the area’s top-tier agents.

Before joining The Oppenheim Group in late 2021, Alex worked for every prestigious agency, including First Team, Christie’s International, H.M. Sotheby’s International, and Pacific Sotheby’s International. Her talents as a negotiator, entrepreneur, and visionary have improved significantly since then, really boosting the quality of her personal and professional experiences.

So, if you are curious to know more about Alex Hall’s private life – including her previous husband with whom she has two lovely children — we’ve got you covered.

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Alex Hall Was Previously Married to Her Ex-husband, Neil Flores, an Attorney: She Appears to Be Single at the Moment!

Despite the fact that Alex Hall (@alexhalloc) from Selling the OC tries to keep her family history private, we do know she was previously married to her husband, Neil Flores (@dflores), an attorney, for seven years. Later, she filed for divorce in 2015.

During this time, they had joyfully welcomed two kids into their lives – a daughter named Gianna, followed by a son named Jacob – but they simply couldn’t make things work.

Alex Hall and her ex-husband, Neil Flores. spritelybud.comAlex Hall and her ex-husband, Neil Flores. 
Image Source:  Spritely Bud

As of this writing, the reason for their divorce is unknown, but she doesn’t seem too angry about it because she’s proud of the family it’s allowed her to develop over the years.

Alex Hall frequently shares cozy photographs or humorous videos of her kids on her public Instagram feed, and she has even referred to her now-teen daughter as her best friend.

However, as a full-time working mother (albeit with flexible hours given her field of specialization), she noted in the Netflix original that “it takes a lot of work to make this look easy.”

As stated in the last piece, her children are her entire heart; thus, their standard of living, well-being, and prospective future prospects are why she continues to work so diligently.

Following the ups and downs with her ex-husband, Alex has actively begun dating again, but it’s a difficult road because she already has a lot on her plate. Later, in Season 1 of Selling the OC, she admitted,

I used to think it was some fun thing to do. And now I realize it’s just basically another job that I don’t need. There’s only so many hours in a day, [yet] I’m trying. The fact she’s particular about who she brings into her life as she doesn’t want to go through what I went through again. I don’t want to get divorced, and I have kids involved doesn’t help either.

Although the time and work needed to start it all essentially are sometimes far more than she’d ever expected, Alex freely admits that she loves being a wife and hopes to play this position once more in the future. At one point, she stated,

I’m either working or with my kids. My career is growing, my business is growing, my kids are growing, and it’s all really good, but I want to share it with somebody.

That’s why, in season 1, Alex went on a dinner date with singer, film director, and tech entrepreneur Jeremy Finlay, only to end up navigating a completely new relationship with co-star Tyler Stanaland (@tylerstanaland) in season 2. She admits to being a “hopeless romantic or a hopeful romantic. I love love. I love being in love. I love the idea of love.”

So, we’re happy to inform you that she appears to be dating a man right now, with whom she just vacationed in Italy, as seen in the post below. It may be someone else, but we’re hoping it’s Tyler because, despite their stark personality differences, they make an excellent couple.

Alex Hall’s Net Worth!

Before delving into Alex Hall‘s acquired fortune over the years, it’s important to note that every real estate agent (even those at the top) makes the majority of their money from commissions.

Alex Hall's net worth is estimated to be $6 million. spritelybud.comAlex Hall’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million. 
Image Source: Instagram

Furthermore, regardless of the cost of the exquisite houses realtors work with under the umbrella of The Oppenheim Group, their cut is typically 3% of the whole final price.

However, this cash is divided in many ways — buyer’s agent, listing agent, and brokerages — so everyone profits, but no one receives the entire sum. Meanwhile, she has been in the sector for nearly a decade and likely closes 15-20 agreements every year.

That’s especially because the estates she presently oversees reportedly range from $4.5 million to nearly $20 million, with an average of $7.5 million – implying her potential cuts per deal are still in the hundreds of thousands. Taking everything into account, this rising public figure’s net worth is close to $6 million.