Alanna Panday’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures Suggest a Lip Job and a Rhinoplasty

Alanna Panday’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures Suggest a Lip Job and a Rhinoplasty

Alanna Panday has been in the news for undergoing plastic surgery after photos of her wedding began to circulate on the internet. She is said to have undergone lip surgery and a nose job to appear more attractive. Although she has not responded to the rumors, looking at her before and after images, it seems like she has made a lot of changes to her appearance since 2020.

Recently, people have been admiring one of the biggest weddings in Bollywood. You guys have already guessed, yes, Alanna Panday and Ivor McCray‘s dreamy wedding. We have been adoring the Bollywood wedding since we were kids, not ignoring the fact that Indian weddings are the most exciting to watch. It was a big, fat, enchanted forest-themed wedding that was held in Mumbai.

The couple attempted to maintain traditional vibes with a modern aesthetic sense. Traditional Indian weddings are distinct in that the parents and families of the couples are far more involved than the bride and groom. The couple has been paired for so long, and for the wedding, many Indian-known celebrities, including Shahrukh Khan, Rekha, and Chunky Pandey, made their appearances.

With the news of a wedding, who doesn’t like being captured in the best look on the biggest day? Similarly, Alanna was seen with a different glow. Many people believe she underwent numerous plastic surgeries in preparation for her wedding. So let’s talk about the rumors; to learn more about the allegation, read this article.

Alanna Panday’s Plastic Surgery Rumors Have Raised Questions about Whether or Not She Underwent Rhinoplasty and a Lip Job

The rumors of Alanna Panday (@alannapanday) going through different plastic surgery to look bold and to enter the modeling field have been circulating all over the internet. As of now, she hasn’t given any clarification to the rumors and seems like she is enjoying her newlywed life with her American husband, Ivor.

Since 2020, images of Alanna Pandey before and after surgery have been circulating on the internet. What do you think—do people need to look bold to get into the modeling industry? or is it just us who are never satisfied with our appearance? As a kind of pre-makeup procedure, plastic surgeries are popular among celebrities. But, should it be as common in regular activities as sunblock?

A wedding is stressful—stress from increasing responsibilities, stress from looking your best and most beautiful self. When it comes to Alanna’s rumored plastic surgery, it is assumed that she had undergone nose and lip surgery. According to her fans, her nose appears sharper than before, and her lips appear artificial and wired.

Looking at Alanna Panday’s before and after plastic surgery, she has changed a lot.

Looking at Alanna Panday’s before and after plastic surgery, she has changed a lot.
Image Source: Spritely Bud

Comparing Alanna Panday’s before and after pictures, she has done something to her nose, as it looks sharper and more pointed. Many people believe she had rhinoplasty to change the shape of her nose. Rhinoplasty, also known as nose reshaping, is one of the most common cosmetic procedures used to alter the appearance of the nose. The average cost of rhinoplasty is $5,483, which does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities, or other related expenses.

Along with her nose job, she is said to have had lip augmentation, as fans have noticed that her lips appear fuller and more prominent in recent photos. Lip augmentation is an in-office cosmetic procedure that creates fuller, more youthful-looking lips. It is permanent but requires routine touch-up treatments.

Aside from that, she has a great jawline, which leads me to wonder if she has gone through any diet or simple medical treatment to improve her appearance. We could also be overthinking things, and all of the reasons could be the changes to her makeup products. But, whatever it is, she appears more confident and happy with her fitness enthusiast husband, Ivor McCray.

Alanna Panday looks stunning in her weeding pictures, whether or not she had plastic surgery.

Alanna Panday looks stunning in her wedding pictures, whether or not she had plastic surgery.
Image Source: Vogue India

Ivor is a 31-year-old  creative director who mainly focuses on live concerts from Mount Vernon, Washington, DC. He graduated from La Quinta High School and is currently working as a live visuals director, designer, and developer for various musicians and festivals like Coachella Fest and Ovo Fest. Aside from this, the couple also has a joint YouTube channel where they frequently post about their daily activities as well as entertaining challenges.

Do all celebrity children get plastic surgery before their debut? This is a trendy question that Bollywood fans frequently ask. Many of Alanna Panday’s fans have also claimed that she lost her cuteness. According to some celebrities, it is painful to go under the knife. And people say that once you go under the knife, you want to keep doing it. You keep wanting something better and better. So, in her case, she may be addicted to getting better, which has suited her up to this point, but it appears that people are already missing the old Alaana.